Effluent / Slurry

It’s a dirty job but we’re very good at it! Our dairy farm equipment can help you manage nutrients better.

Effluent and slurry management is a critical aspect of modern farming practices. At FarmChief, we offer a comprehensive range of effluent and slurry management equipment designed to help farmers manage this aspect of their operations efficiently and effectively.

Our products are built to the highest standards and are suitable for use with a variety of effluent and slurry types. We understand that every farm is unique, and we work closely with our customers to provide tailored solutions that meet their specific needs.

Whether you need pumps, mixers, separators, or any other effluent and slurry equipment, FarmChief has you covered.

Effluent Pond Stirrers

Machines ideal for mixing ponds and lagoons up to 1 million litres in capacity. These stirrers...

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Effluent Tank Mixers

Have an onsite, above-ground tank that needs mixing? Looking for a quality machine to produce...

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SuperJet Effluent Pump Mixer

The dairy farmers’ solution for pumping and mixing herd homes without removing all the...

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Veenhuis Slurry Tankers

Re-use of nutrients is a hot topic, and this is one of the best, and most affordable, effluent...

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Envirospread Slurry Tanker

DIY nutrient recycling for every-sized farm. Kiwi farmers: take control of stock rotation, save...

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Dual Muck Spreader

This tried, true, and gold award winning, dual muck spreader implement is perfectly in-tune with...

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Effluent Dribble Bar

Needing something to ensure a precise application of slurry while preventing run-off and...

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Effluent Twin Spreader Bar

One of the simplest effluent application methods around. Our twin spreader bars have a 12m...

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Maelstrom Rear discharge Muck Spreader

The demands of modern farming call for new solutions. Among them is FarmChief’s, new Maelstrom...

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Storth Umbilical Bobbin Reeler

One of the biggest costs to your umbilical system is the hoses – ensuring the safe storage,...

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Storth Umbilical Drag Hose System

Storth Umbilical Drag Hose Slurry Systems are the UK market leaders, and the next generation in...

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Umbilical Chopper Pump

Priming umbilical systems or moving your slurry, our range of robust, long-life pumps will see...

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Umbilical System Components

FarmChief stock a range of additional extras to supplement or improve your Umbilical Hose...

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Veenhuis Rotomax Reel System

When slurry tankers stop – the Veenhuis Rotomax reel system starts. Accustomed to the...

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Veenhuis Slurry Injectors

When you’ve been managing slurry for 80-odd years you tend to pick up a trick or two. That’s...

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