Effluent Pump Mixers

Contractors and large-scale farmers, this is your solution if you’re after a versatile machine which can pump and shift slurry into tankers, between ponds or priming umbilical pumps, whilst delivering superior mixing capacity.

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    FarmChief Mega Mix Pump Mixer
    FarmChief Mega Mix Pump Mixer
    Storth Mega Mix Pond Stirrer - FarmChief New Zealand

    Features and Benefits

    Effluent storage, management and distribution is a booming segment of the industry. Demand is high for quality, versatile machines. The Storth Mega Mix and Storth Kestrel are the top-of-the-range machines that large-scale New Zealand farmers and contractors are demanding.

    Excellent for severely crusted, large ponds and lagoons, the Kestrel and Mega Mix maximise pond movement through discharge cannons.

    The Kestrel is designed for the large-scale farmers looking to extend their capacity, pump herd homes, and shift large amounts of slurry. The turbo impeller sucks in the slurry, finely chopping and mixing it before distributing it through the discharge cannon – an optional, remotely controlled rotating cannon is also available.

    The Mega Mix is the contractor’s answer for all effluent needs. With a 4500m3 mixing capacity, hydraulic rotating pump, hydraulic rams for depth control and 6”or 8” side discharge pipes, the Mega Mix is a highly versatile machine. Fully galvanized, it’s reliable and long-lasting, too. Trailed options are available for those with deeper tanks, or for tanks with steeper banks.

    Specifically looking to pump herd homes? Talk to us about our Storth Super Jet, with high-capacity short distance pumping and incredible agitation capacities. 

    Technical Specifications





    HP Required




    20400ltr output per minute mixing capacity





    20400ltr output per minute mixing capacity





    20400ltr output per minute mixing capacity



    Doug’s view.

    Caldwell Contracting have been leaders in their field for over 20 years, covering all aspects of agriculture from silage to wood chipping to cultivation and effluent management and spreading. You can learn more at www.caldwellcontracting.co.nz Doug Caldwell says the substantial family business, which operates out of Edendale, Southland, is constantly looking for innovations in effluent management and understand the needs of the dairy farmers they work with. “The Storth Mega Mix has been good. It’s safer and faster than others. And it’s definitely better than conventional stirrers. “We use it for mixing all ponds and also loading our transport tankers.”

    - Storth Mega Mix

    Eddie’s view.

    Eddie Rabbitt is the manager of Rabco Ag – a large-scale contracting business based in Western Southland. Eddie reckons the Mega Mix provides a better result in terms of getting solids out of the pond, and with the canon breaking up the surface. The company uses the Mega Mix wherever they are called to a slurry job. “It works a treat.” He’s also putting in a good word for the FarmChief parts and technical support team. “It’s a good service and they get things done on time.” To see more details on Rabco, visit www.rabbitt.co.nz

    - Storth Mega Mix

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