Seeding / Spreading

Welcome to FarmChief’s range of seeding and spreading equipment designed to improve your farm’s productivity and efficiency. Our planters give every seed the best opportunity for life and your crop a better start.

Our products include seed drills, fertiliser spreaders, and ATV equipment from leading brands such as Agrex, Agromaster, and Winton. With our high-quality and reliable equipment, you can ensure that your crops and pasture receive the right amount of seeds and fertilisers for optimal growth.

Our products are easy to use and maintain, making them a great investment for any farmer looking to enhance their farming operations. Browse our range today and find the right seeding and spreading equipment for your needs.

Rollmax Folding Cultivation Rollers

Top-of-the-range, high-performance rollers designed for farmers and contractors looking to...

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Moore Uni-Drill 3ptl Direct Disc Drill

Time efficient, easy to operate, and compact, these Moore Uni-Drills are ideal for oversewing,...

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Rollmax Roller Airseeder Drill

FarmChief Rollmax Airseeder Drills are the first choice for farmers and contractors looking to...

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RSR Roller Airseeder Drill

The FarmChief RSR fixed-width cultivation roller is a proven implement that has stood the test...

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Precision Planter

The appropriately named Xact range, manufactured in Europe, delivers precision planting, and...

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Swiss-made and very precise, (much like that country’s famous watches), Airseeders have been...

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Front Fertiliser Hopper

Fertiliser where and when you want it with the FarmChief front-mounted fertiliser...

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Pendular Fertiliser Spreader

Unique to FarmChief, the Pendular Fertiliser Spreader employs a pendulum spout movement to...

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Twin Disc Fertiliser Spreader

Our cleverly designed spreaders ensure your fertiliser flows smoothly onto the dual spreading...

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