Dual Muck Spreader

This tried, true, and gold award winning, dual muck spreader implement is perfectly in-tune with modern farming systems and adds real value to any set-up. The slurry spreader is available in 5 models from 7 tonne up to 16 tonne.


Dual Muck Spreader
West Dual Muck Spreader - FarmChief
Loading Dual Muck Spreader
Loading Dual Muck Spreader

Features and Benefits

Recycling nutrients has become not only a financial advantage for many farms, but an environmental and compliance necessity. What makes British designed and engineered Harry West dual spreaders unique is that they can ingest organic matter as well as nutrient-rich material to spread evenly on to ploughed paddocks, or pasture. A brilliant, uncomplicated and durable design enables them to spread any type of slurry consistency from very wet to fully dried: solid dung, slurry, poultry manure, compost, separator pressings, stock bedding and long straw manure. Conveniently and easily fed by a front-end loader, a central auger in the machine combines bedding, and feed left-overs, with the nutrient-rich manure. It also provides even distribution with a spread up to 21 metres thanks to a 630mm spreading rotor turning at 508rpm. The fully enclosed tub body is watertight so muck or slurry is contained in the machine. A large moving side wall helps a good flow. The spreader was a 1982, winner of the Royal Agricultural Society gold medal.

Technical Specifications


Size (height x width x length)

Max. capacity


Feed out rotor speed

Weight approx.

HP Required

Dual 1300

2.12m x 2.42m x 4.70m

7 tonnes





Dual 1600

2.22m x 2.64m 5.49m

10 tonnes





Dual 2000

2.35m x 2.64m x 5.66m

12.5 tonnes





Dual 2800

2.50m x 2.90m x 6.28m

15.5 tonnes





Dual 3000

2.85m x 2.90m x 6.28m

16 tonnes






Barry’s view

Barry Lawry farms 200 cows on 78 hectares in Te Awamutu on heavy, rolling country. In addition, he contracts and sub-contracts using his Harry West 3000 Dual Spreader. Barry credits the spreader with giving him an additional avenue into contracting. His original Harry West Spreader saw out about 20 years hard work. And he’s now bought a second. Which, as he says “must say something about them.” Barry collects mostly from weeping walls, herd homes, and separators, then spreads the nutrients back on the paddocks where they belong.

- West Dual Muck Spreader

Parts and Options

Low centre of gravity

Even Weight Distribution

The low centre of gravity of the spreader means the weight is continuously on the back of the tractor. By pulling manure forward to the rear side gate, the tractor maintains traction while spreading, even on soft or damp ground.
Solid and Liquid Manure

Versatile Spreading

The West is an operator proven spreader on the market that can spread both solid and liquid manure either together or separately accurately; it is as easy as setting the horizontal door to the correct opening, indicated on the front of the spreader.
FarmChief West Dual Spreader Bridging

Active Mixing

Standard with a moving front wall and side wall that (operates off the auger) prevents build up of material and creates a finer spread pattern.
Incremental Discharge, purposely overload tractor PTO

Incremental Discharge

The West Muck Spreader does not overload the tractor PTO when opening the discharge door. By incrementally opening horizontally, the product is discharged evenly and easily until the discharge door is fully open. In conjunction with the underslung rotor, this means you always have an even, consistent spread pattern.

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