Umbilical System Components

FarmChief stock a range of additional extras to supplement or improve your Umbilical Hose System. 

Update or upgrade with our Flow Meters, Hoses and Couplings, all designed to work seamlessly with your existing system. 


FarmChief Umbilical Hoses
FarmChief Umbilical Hoses
FarmChief Umbilical Hoses
FarmChief Umbilical Hoses
FarmChief Umbilical Hoses
FarmChief Umbilical Hoses
FarmChief Effluent Flow Meter

Flow Meters

When you need to know exactly how much you are applying, you need a flow meter.

In-Line Flow Meter

Choose an In-Line Flow Meter to attach to your pump and find out exactly how much material you are moving. Built into a robust galvanised frame, your flow meter is protected from accidental damage. It is fitted with  4″ Bauer couplings as standard and 6m of 12v power cable with a COBO type 3 pin plug.

Applicator Flow Meter

Choose the Applicator Flow Meter to know how much you are applying via your FarmChief Dribble Bar or Spreader Bar. A choice of remote heads can be added on for precise, to the second monitoring of the application, direct from the tractor cab. 

FarmChief Umbilical Hoses


We stock a full range of Gollmer & Hummel (G&H) hoses, a worldwide leading hose solution provider. 

G&H’s Hilcoflex range has been designed specifically for the irrigation and slurry umbilical market. It is available in either PU or rubber. Each production batch is thoroughly tested to ensure the highest level of quality for their customers. 


FarmChief Umbilical Hoses

Couplings & Fittings

If your fitting s are getting old, tough to use or you simply need some backup equipment, FaramChief stock both Storz and Shug couplings and fittings. 

Storz couplings are unsexed and have a unique swivel which helps to reduce hose twisting. There are no locking levers, eliminating the possibility of accidental unlocking joints when dragged across the ground. When rewinding the hose onto reels, the compact neck design results in tidier reels and speeds up wrapping for open bobbin reelers. 

Each individual Shug fitting is machined from a single billet of 6061-T6 extruded aluminium which is then type-three hard coat anodised. This gives Shug their reputation for being the strongest and safest coupling system on the market. With no requirement for spanners, the couplings are unsexed and have complete interchangeability between sizes 4″-6″ without the requirement of either enlargers or reducers. Suited to customers dragging large diameter hose, the design suits bobbin type reelers where the compact neck design suits tidy wrapping. 

FarmChief provides the full spectrum of umbilical parts and accessories for your solution. Find the rest of our range here. 


Tony’s View.

Fisken Contracting, based in Gore, can tackle fairly much any job there is. From lane maintenance to cartage, baling to logging. Tony Fisken backs umbilical slurry systems because of their efficiency and the fact that they’ll work at high volumes and in conditions where slurry tankers simply can’t. “There’s little or no compaction of laneways or paddocks and it’s a very effective way of moving large amounts of nutrient.” Tony says the system is especially good on softer soils, (and on the shoulder seasons) where tankers could get stuck, as there are only the hoses to be placed down and reeled in. His business works with umbilical on distances up to, and even exceeding 2kms, which, Tony says, accommodates most properties. Some farmers find it so effective they choose not to use their own systems at all. “They just give us a call.”

- Storth Umbilical

Profiline Slurry Tanker

Colin's view

Colin Molloy runs a 420-sow piggery, along with 130 hectares of cropping and livestock, in Sheffield, Canterbury with two large effluent ponds.
Although it was the advanced hydraulics that first drew Colin to his Veenhuis Profiline 16600 litre Slurry Tanker, he is also acutely aware of the need to successfully manage environmental issues and soil fertility. The tanker enables him to recycle the nutrient-dense manure and reduce odour in one go.
His tanker injects the effluent back into the soil providing a great start for barley, wheat, and pasture and removing the nuisance normally associated with conventional “broadcast” systems.

- Veenhuis Slurry Tankers

The Farmchief Range

FarmChief Effluent Bobbin Reeler

FarmChief Umbilical Bobbin Reeler

One of the biggest costs to your umbilical system is the hoses – ensuring the safe storage, transportation and application of this asset is an important contributor to any Umbilical System’s success.

FarmChief Umbilical Bobbin Reeler | View Now 

Umbilical System Components

FarmChief Umbilical Drag Hose System

The FarmChief Umbilical Drag Hose System effortlessly helps with environmental compliance and minimising impact on soil all while recycling nutrients. 

FarmChief Umbilical Drag Hose System | View Now 


Effluent Pump Mixers - Mega Mix

FarmChief Effluent Pump Mixers 

The FarmChief effluent pump mixers have the ability to pump between ponds, into tankers or prime umbilical pumps while still maintaining a superior mixing capacity. 

FarmChief Effluent Pump Mixers | View Now 

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