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Veenhuis Profiline Tanker

Featuring the Veenhuis Profiline 16600Ltr Slurry Tanker with 15m Ecoslide Boom, footage taken in Woodville a North Island town about 25km East from Palmerston North.

Storth Mega Mix

Featuring the Storth Mega Mix, footage taken in Ashburton.

Farmking 1050 Backsaver Grain Auger

Featuring the Y1050TMR Backsaver Grain Auger, footage taken in Leeston.

West 2000 Dual Muck Spreader

Features the FarmChief supplied Harry West 2000 Dual Muck Spreader, footage was taken in Edendale, New Zealand.

Envirospread 10000ltr Slurry Tanker

Featuring the Envirospread 10,000Ltr Slurry Tanker, footage taken in Leeston, NZ

Agrolux 5 Furrow Reversible Plough

Featuring the Agrolux HRWT 5Furrow Reversible Plough.

footage taken in Ashburton, NZ

The ExpressPlus Speed Discs with Options

Featuring the ExpressPro PreRipper, followed by the ExpressPlus 4500 Speed Discs with paddles on the front to level bumps and dips from the subsoiler. The Airseeder is attached to the Discs, with 8 outlets followed by the chain harrows to give the seeds soil coverage. This ensures good seed to soil contact before finally being rolled with the Rollmax 530 Roller.

The Rollmot 830 Roller

FarmChief Rollmot 830 Roller in action. 

The FarmChief Train

Features the FarmChief ExpressPro 4m ripper followed by the Express 4500 Speed Discs, with paddles, harrows, and 850ltr airseeder, followed by a 530 Rollmax Roller

The Jupiter

Watch the Jupiter in action!

The Diskator

Watch the Diskator in action!

West Dual Muck Spreader

Watch The West Dual Muck Spreader in action!

The Falc Terraking

Watch the Falc Terraking in action!

The ExpressPlus Speed Disc

Watch the ExpressPlus Speed Disc in action!

The NSL Chisel Plough

Watch the The NSL Chisel Plough in action!

The SSE Ripper

Watch the SSE Ripper in action!

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