Effluent Pond Stirrers

Machines ideal for mixing ponds and lagoons up to 1 million litres in capacity. These stirrers produce an aggressive mixing action with a low power requirement, ideal for medium and large scale farms looking to manage their own effluent.   


FarmChief Effluent Pond Stirrer
FarmChief Effluent Pond Stirrer
FarmChief Effluent Pond Stirrer
FarmChief Effluent Pond Stirrer

Features and Benefits

Choose the FarmChief Storth Pond Stirrer and ensure your slurry is mixed properly, allowing for effective, even application on paddocks. 

With the hydraulic top-link included as standard, these mixers are easily operated allowing for accurate positioning of the machine in the slurry for easy adjustment while mixing. Built to last, our machines are fully galvanized and strengthened with a heavy-duty box section placed under the mixer tube. 

The Storth Pond Stirrer is ideal for small-medium sized ponds, with a 1500m3 mixing capacity, offering lengths between 4.8m and 7.6m, with a 600mm prop. 

If you’re looking for an upgrade in stirring capacity up to 5000m3, or some more grunt for heavily clogged or crusted ponds, choose the Storth Lagoon Master, with a larger  650mm propeller (at an additional cost).  

  • Hydraulic top link comes as standard
  • 2″ blockhouse bearing assembly 
  • 3 bearing assemblies
  • Shear bolt protection on PTO shaft supplied
  • Optional 650mm propeller & heavy-duty PTO

Technical Specifications





HP Required




600mm propeller





600mm propeller





600mm propeller






HP Required




600mm x 300mm propeller





600mm x 300mm propeller



Frank’s view

Frank and Cheryl Grigg, run 180 cows on 70 ha (55 ha effective), with an 18 ha run-off, in Taranaki on a combination of peat/swampy soils and clay rolling hills. They also have an effluent pond 100 metres long and between 30 and 60 metres wide that, not too far back, was causing them a problem.

Frank explains.

“We used to get the pond pumped out every winter, and the ground it went on was unusable. “There had to be a better way.”

Frank says Matt from FarmChief showed him a video, on his phone, at Central Districts Field Days that provided a system with the solution: A Storth pond stirrer and 6,000 litre, 8 ton tanker combination.

Where the stirrer especially fitted Frank’s needs was its ability to mix the slurry, giving a product that is smooth and uniform- making more nutrients available for pastures and removing the solids that can limit pond capacity.

And, as Frank says, it was faster. “It was amazing. What used to be 5-6 hours work was done in just 2 hours with one stirrer, and with less horse power.” He uses the effluent tanker behind the cows, and says it’s made a significant change, with paddocks put back into rotation seamlessly. “It works very well now.”

Frank said he used to rely on top-dressing to keep production up but now finds the effluent recycling does the job for him. He also appreciates the benefits of add-ons including the tanker’s ability to efficiently clean out water troughs ready for the next season. “It saves time and you’re all ready to go.”

“It’s a great system and very easy to use. And FarmChief are good people to deal with.”

- Pond Stirrier

Doug’s view.

Caldwell Contracting have been leaders in their field for over 20 years, covering all aspects of agriculture from silage to wood chipping to cultivation and effluent management and spreading. You can learn more at www.caldwellcontracting.co.nz Doug Caldwell says the substantial family business, which operates out of Edendale, Southland, is constantly looking for innovations in effluent management and understand the needs of the dairy farmers they work with. “The Storth Mega Mix has been good. It’s safer and faster than others. And it’s definitely better than conventional stirrers. “We use it for mixing all ponds and also loading our transport tankers.”

- Storth Mega Mix

Parts and Options

Machine Longevity

Fully galvanised frame for an extended product life, with a heavy-duty headstock to withstand lateral forces and a 600mm diameter bolt on propeller.

Low Maintenance

Minimal maintenance, the Storth has a long-life wet run fluted bottom bearing. A heavy-duty main tube with structural stiffness and protection for the 50mm shaft with the top greaseable bearing that is protected from the effluent. Comes standard with Hydraulic depth adjustment Toplink.

Propeller Replacement

Easily replaceable propeller ensures no downtime in the field. Simply bolt it on and you’re good to go.

Optional Wheel Kit

Move between ponds easily with an attachable wheel kit, leaving no strain on the 3-point linkage and ease of turning corners.

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