Veenhuis Rotomax Reel System

When slurry tankers stop – the Veenhuis Rotomax reel system starts. Accustomed to the world’s toughest conditions, the Rotomax reel system won’t let rain or soft-going stand in its way.


Veenhuis Rotomax Drag Hose System | Excels in Damp Soil | FarmChief
Veenhuis Rotomax Drag Hose System | Excels in Damp Soil | FarmChief
Veenhuis Rotomax Drag Hose System | Excels in Damp Soil | FarmChief
Veenhuis Rotomax Drag Hose System | Excels in Damp Soil | FarmChief

Features and Benefits

Proven in the Netherlands, (a fairly high bar by anyone’s standards) this system is designed to overcome very wet ground, limited spreading windows of opportunity, and the need for efficient effluent management.

As we all know, soil compaction slows crop growth. And nobody needs that. The Veenhuis reel systems feature a 12-metre operating width and the combination of this, and low tyre pressure, minimises compaction during injection to give your crops the best possible growing conditions. The drag hose system provides a continuous supply of slurry so no time is lost loading and unloading; a drag hose system can keep fertilising non-stop.

There’re also another couple of things to note: You’ll avoid the disruption that can come with effluent tankers. And day to day operations can keep going just as they always have. So, if your soil types are prone to a bit (or a lot) of damp this could be the solution to maximising effluent recycling at your place.

Technical Specifications



Max. pump rate

Quanta pump unit




Hose diameter

Hose length

Valve between reel and injector

Rotomax reel





Working width

Premium-ject 1200


Parts and Options

Headlands Mobility

Due to the maneuverer ability of the Rotomax it can make a full turn back down the headland. Also allowing the hose to be picked up and not pulled along the paddock to where you’re located. This due to Rotomax’s large 12-meter wingspan.
Veenhuis Rotomax

Hose Placement

Hose placement covering up to 1200 meters can be placed in alternating positions along the surface by a 12-meter swivel bar up to the fertiliser injector, this allows the operator to work in rows without damage to the crop or pasture.

Minimal Damage

Designed to unreel and reel up on the go without having to fully unwind. No need to pull along the surface reducing smearing to soil and crop.

Premiumject Injector Design

This slurry injector has a width of 12-meters and is fitted with pneumatic foot valves. These slurry injectors are fitted with the unique 3-part chute discs with a diameter of 350mm and a thickness of 24mm.

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