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Moore Uni-Drill Mounted Direct Disc Drill

$75,900.00 + GST

Time efficient, easy to operate, and compact, these Uni-Drills are ideal for oversewing,...

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ExpressPlus 4500 Trailed Speed Discs w/ Double U-Box Roller

$76,900.00 + GST

Express Plus Speed Discs are unequalled in performance after winter feed, for stubble...

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FarmChief Pallet Fork & Combo, c/w Euro

$2,690.00 + GST

Hands down, the handiest thing to have on a farm. This double function front loader attachment...

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Conveyair 6″ Grain Vac

$46,900.00 + GST

The Conveyair grain vac is designed, and engineered, not only to maximise the value of your...

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Storth 4.6MLagoon Mixer

$6,950.00 + GST

The UK built and designed Storth effluent pond mixing systems is not a topic that will pop up...

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Aguirre 1500p 3ptl Spreader c/w Hard Lids

$10,950.00 + GST

When you’ve paid good money for fertiliser you want to make sure it ends up exactly where you...

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Falc Rotary Stip-Till c/w Rippers & Rear Linkage

$94,500.00 + GST

The FarmChief Rotary Strip Till creates a perfect seedbed for precision crop planting in a...

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Ozdoken VPHE-D6 6 Row Precision Planter

$24,900.00 + GST

The appropriately named Xact range, manufactured in Europe, delivers precision planting, and...

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Quivogne AP 28 66 23 HC Offset Discs

$35,900.00 + GST

AP Discs are most popular for heavy workloads and tough conditions. Offering excellent strength,...

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Quivogne 3m Tine Plough

$35,900.00 + GST

The Tine plow is a durable, practical implement designed with modern agricultural contractors,...

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EnviroSpread 13,000 ltr TA Slurry Tanker

$85,900.00 + GST

Recycling nutrients boosts production, saves money, and reduces nuisance. Envirospread Slurry...

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Quivogne NSL 4.7m 2Bar Folding Ripper c/w DWD

$58,900.00 + GST

Arguably the best chisel ploughs ever, these make compaction a thing of the past. These...

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ExpressPlus 3000 3ptl Speed Discs c/wU-Box Roller

$33,600.00 + GST

Used for primary and secondary cultivation, Express Plus Speed Discs are unequalled in...

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FarmChief Big Bear Bale Grab c/w Euro Hitch

$3,790.00 + GST

If it was possible to get excited about moving bales, this would be the moment. These strong,...

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