Veenhuis Slurry Injectors

When you’ve been managing slurry for 80-odd years you tend to pick up a trick or two. That’s why these Veenhuis slurry injectors are knocking others out of the park.


Slurry Injector | Spreading Tools - Close up
Veenhuis slurry injectors at work | FarmChief
Effluent / Slurry | Veenhuis Slurry Injector At Work | FarmChief
Veenhuis Slurry Injector in action! FarmChief
Veenhuis Slurry Injector in lush pasture | FarmChief
Veenhuis Slurry Injector and Tools / Accessories | FarmChief
Veenhuis slurry injectors at work | FarmChief

Features and Benefits

Veenhuis doesn’t really need to boast about its pedigree. Trialled and tested on the best piggeries and dairy farms in the Netherlands – performance is a given.

When it comes to operating on New Zealand’s harsher terrain, they’ve certainly got the muscle but there’s also a fair bit of science packed in there. So, you get a regular stream of nutrients across the whole width of delivery, and fewer chances of blockages. And – when it comes down to it – production is optimised.

The thirty distribution hoses will make the neighbours sit up and take notice, not to mention the herd when they see the lush pasture you can look forward to. There’s also the option of pneumatic shut off valves for absolute precision when you’re out in the paddock and it’s connectable to GPS-RKT technology.

When it comes to moving between blocks or farms there’re no problems either, thanks to a hydraulic transport lock which means the whole thing is hassle-free.

Technical Specifications


Colin's view

Colin Molloy runs a 420-sow piggery, along with 130 hectares of cropping and livestock, in Sheffield, Canterbury with two large effluent ponds.
Although it was the advanced hydraulics that first drew Colin to his Veenhuis Profiline 16600 litre Slurry Tanker, he is also acutely aware of the need to successfully manage environmental issues and soil fertility. The tanker enables him to recycle the nutrient-dense manure and reduce odour in one go.
His tanker injects the effluent back into the soil providing a great start for barley, wheat, and pasture and removing the nuisance normally associated with conventional “broadcast” systems.

- Veenhuis Slurry Tankers

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