Attachments / Utility

When it needs to be moved effortlessly and efficiently, we can help.

Varimount 350 PTO Compressor

Versatile, compact, portable and durable. New to New Zealand, this compressor delivers...

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Big Bear Bale Clamps

If it was possible to get excited about moving bales, this would be the moment. These strong,...

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Shovel Grapple

Grab, move shift and lift with the FarmChief Shovel Grapple. This is the shovel you’ve been...

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Silage Grab

Work smarter, not harder with the FarmChief Silage Grab.  Made to handle high-volumes of...

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Pallet Fork & Tine Combo

Hands down, the handiest thing to have on a farm.  This double function front loader attachment...

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Farm King Grader Blades

Farm King Grader blades are the unsung heroes of the farm. They’re waiting patiently there to...

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