These ones already know the land, not completely worn off, just the price tag. So, keep an eye out here, for going used oldies.

Aitchison 10' Roller Drill


Austin 12ft Roller Drill


Quivogne Rollflash 630 Roller

WAS $19,500  NOW $14,900

SAVE $4,600

Falc Alce 2700 Mulcher c/w wheels

WAS $9,500  NOW $6,750

SAVE $2,750

Tortilla Y Flail 3.2m Mulcher

WAS $10,500 NOW $7,500

SAVE $3,000

Quivogne APL 30.66.23 Offset Discs


Kverneland 4.0m DXA Tandem Discs


Vadastad Carrier 425 Speed Disc


USED Krone AM323 S Mower


USED Hubbards 6.0mtr (20') Maxitill

WAS $25,200  NOW $23,500

SAVE $1,700

USED Lely Tulip 3m Discs

WAS $13,900  NOW $11,900

SAVE $2,000

USED Webco 5000ltr Slurry Tanker

WAS $10,900  NOW $10,200

SAVE $700

All prices are GST exclusive, terms and conditions also apply

Scott's View

Scott Croft farms 250 ha of crops, 650 Perendale sheep, and Angus cattle in heavy country at Lakeside, Canterbury. His crops include wheat, barley and grass-seed, Watties peas, and radishes.
Scott says his previous plough was simply getting a bit old for the task of turning over more than 80ha a year.
A fan of ploughing; “It’s a good way of breaking up the ground here, especially where there’s a bit of compaction”, Scott says he got his 5 furrow Agrolux from FarmChief for a demo to see what it could do. “It ended up staying here.”.
Scott says he’s had no problems with the plough and it has proved its worth, burying stubble and crop residue and giving a clean finish.

- Agrolux Ploughs

Grant’s view

Grant and Nikki Kearins have a 230 ha dairy farm at Kairanga, on the outskirts of Palmerston North on flat, heavy to medium country.

Grant said he’d been looking around for some power harrows and thought FALC had a lot of good features. That initial impression has been confirmed by their performance. “It goes really well. The big diameter packer roller just keeps working through.”The 5 metre power harrows are currently used across around 50 hectares of the farm. “I had the horse power, so I decided to go for it. It certainly covers the ground.” “It seems well built and reliable.  All around, a nice, reliable machine.”

- Power Harrow

Stuart's view

Stuart Briant is a third generation commercial grower, working flat to rolling country in Gisborne. His crops include seed maize, squash, sweet corn, and maize. He says he was convinced it was worth buying when he first saw the implement being demonstrated. Stuart says he especially appreciates the way it helps protect the soil structure, and promotes healthy growth and increased production. “We like the job it’s doing.”

- Tine Plow