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Storth Umbilical Reaches Further

12 Oct 2018

12m dribble bar now available! The arrival at FarmChief of Storth’s 12m dribble bar, with...

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High value crops benefit from superior ploughs

21 Sep 2018

For those looking at getting demanding maize or fodder beet into the ground in the next month,...

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Making NZ farms roll (And more).

14 Sep 2018

These rollers (available in 3m to 12m) have some stand-out features that others just don’t...

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The NSL Chisel Plough

Watch the The NSL Chisel Plough in action!

The ExpressPlus Speed Disc

Watch the ExpressPlus Speed Disc in action!

The SSE Ripper

Watch the SSE Ripper in action!

The Jupiter

Watch the Jupiter in action!