Swiss-made and very precise, (much like that country’s famous watches), Airseeders have been proven around New Zealand. Although designed for small seeds, some clients have used them for cereals and even peas. And they perform across any terrain, on machines up to 12 metres wide.

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    Features and Benefits

    Now almost industry-standard, Airseeders make a conventional, 10 box, drill feel like you’re going back to horse and cart days. Highly engineered, the Airseeder is a very versatile fine seeder suited for metering every type of seed from swedes right through to grain, and at rates from 0.5kg/Ha up to 250 kg/Ha. Features include; a tapered hopper that eliminates bridging, and three dosing rollers (Grass (25kg +/-), Chow/Kale (4kg +/-), and Swedes/Turnips (1kg +/-). Hydraulic fans provide superior airflow and precise metering of seed, thanks to a radar groundspeed sensor, which helps makes calibration a breeze. One client has said they’ve got it sorted right down to the last cupful. In case you’re still not sure, there’s a clear seed site level in front of the hopper, so you can keep your eye on it. They’re available in four sizes, from a 200ltr to an 850ltr hopper, with customizable options. Just mount on rollers, power harrows, rotary spike rotor hoes, finger tine harrows, for a complete solution.

    Technical Specifications


    Working width

    Seed hopper volume

    No. of distributor outlets

    Approx. weight

    Approx. grass seed capacity


    1 - 12m


    8 - 16


    3 - 4Ha


    1 - 12m


    8 - 16


    7 - 8Ha


    1 - 12m


    8 - 16


    10 - 12Ha


    1 - 12m


    8 - 16


    14 - 16Ha


    Graeme’s view

    Graeme Burnett has a 300ha milking platform and 250ha run-off on flat to rolling country at Dacre on the Southland Plains. It’s fully self-contained, doing all its own cropping.
    Graeme’s introduction to an Airseeder was through loaning one from his neighbour. “I had an older seeder and I was looking to upgrade.”
    As a result of his informal trial, he took advantage of a FarmChief Southern Field Days deal to buy his own Airseeder and hasn’t looked back. “It’s reliable and it does everything we wanted.”
    “Probably the best thing is how easy it is to calibrate. It’s one button. Five minutes, and I’ll be away. Anyone could work this.”
    Graeme says he’s found the accuracy of the Airseeder is reliable down to a single cupful of seed.
    He uses it for re-grassing, sowing 45ha of kale, plantain, summer turnips, and barley. “It works really well.”

    - Airseeder

    Graeme's View

    Graeme Burnett has a 300ha milking platform and 250ha run-off on flat to rolling country at Dacre on the Southland Plains between Invercargill and Edendale.

    “The accuracy of the seeder is unbelievable so far in everything I’ve done – right down to a cupful of seed. And it’s easy to calibrate.”

    He also had high praise for FarmChief’s service. “The back-up is brilliant, and the help in setting it up.”  READ MORE

    - Rollmax Roller with Airseeder

    FarmChief Implement Options

    FarmChief RSR Cultivation Roller 

    Perfect machine for an operator who doesn’t need a large scale machine and wants to keep the soil compact and cover seeds with fine tilth.

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    FarmChief Rollmax Folding Cultivation Rollers 

    Designed to deliver a fine tilth finish while providing an optimal seed-to-soil placement during cultivation, this machine is perfect for any large scale farmer or contractor. 

    FarmChief Rollmax Folding Cultivation Rollers | View Now 

    FarmChief Fixed-Width Power Harrows

    One of the best implements on a farm to optimise seed germination and create and even and fine seed bed for crop or grass establishment. 

    FarmChief Fixed-Width Power Harrows | View Now 

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