Front Fertiliser Hopper

Fertiliser where and when you want it with the FarmChief front-mounted fertiliser hopper. 

Frequently paired with the Strip-Till and Precision Planter combo, you won’t regret choosing this large-capacity high-performing fertiliser hopper. 


FarmChief Front Fertiliser Hopper
FarmChief Front Fertiliser Hopper
FarmChief Front Fertiliser Hopper
FarmChief Front Fertiliser Hopper

Features and Benefits

The front-mounted TF Fertiliser Hopper is ideal for large-capacity jobs and perfect for high-working speeds in the field. 

Designed primarily for fertiliser injection in pneumatic seed drills, it can also be used as a simple seed transfer system to a rear implement. 

The most popular combination is with the FarmChief Strip-Till and Precisionplanter combo, allowing you to prepare the ground, apply fertiliser and plant crops, all one pass. 

  • Hydraulic front linkage required
  • RDS electronically operated accord metering unit
  • Hydraulic drive fan
  • Folding ladder for easy access
  • Single level cover opening
  • Front lights

Technical Specifications





Weight Approx

TF 1900





Parts and Options

High-Rate Distribution

Distribute fertiliser through the 6 outlet riser head for rear distribution to the planter or strip till. Optimise growth and apply fertiliser below the soil in one pass, meaning the tap root will reach fertiliser quicker.

Distribution and Control

The hydraulically driven fan supplies the proportion of the fertiliser to a rear mounted mushroom distributor. While RDS control with radar speed sensing gives accurate application and distribution at all times with on-the-go adjustments available.  

Machine Versatility

 Compatible with a rear strip till or other implement to optimise the use of a one pass procedure.  

Easy Fill

The front purpose-built fold away step allows easy operator access for loading and inspecting.  

FarmChief Implement Options

FarmChief Precision Planter

Manufactured in Europe this implement delivers precision planting, and inter-row cultivation to maximise germination, crop production, and return.

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FarmChief Rotary Strip Till 

The FarmChief Rotary Strip Till creates a perfect seedbed for precision crop planting in a single pass. This machine is largely known for its one pass technology that only cultivates soil where the plant is planted. 

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FarmChief Fixed-Width Power Harrows

One of the best implements on a farm to optimise seed germination and create and even and fine seed bed for crop or grass establishment. 

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