Twin Disc Fertiliser Spreader

Our cleverly designed spreaders ensure your fertiliser flows smoothly onto the dual spreading discs which accelerate it without excessive impact, meaning the structure is not compromised & ensuring delivery of quality fertiliser. 

Our AC2 Twin Disc Fertiliser Spreaders are capable of spreading granulated fertilisers up to 20 metres. 


FarmChief Twin Disc Fertiliser Spreader
FarmChief Twin Disc Fertiliser Spreader
FarmChief Twin Disc Fertiliser Spreader
FarmChief Twin Disc Fertiliser Spreader

Features and Benefits

When you’ve paid good money for fertiliser you want to make sure it ends up exactly where you want it to go. These highly engineered, Spanish-made spreaders leave absolutely nothing to chance. 

The special rotary agitator stops material bridging, creating an even flow, while the sieve stops larger bits from blocking the outlet. 

The high-capacity hopper comes in three sizes and is built from polythene, meaning it can take all of the knocks, bumps and weather that you can throw at it, and keep going. 

The high-quality stainless-steel distribution discs, plates and screws are built to handle the corrosive nature of fertiliser making your spreader longer-lasting and harder working. 

If needed, you could utilise the spreader for seeding, making it a useful implement throughout the year. 

  • Hydraulically controlled shutters
  • Durable polythene hopper
  • Twin hardcover lids
  • Quality agitator ensures an even material feed
  • Tested and tried with New Zealand fertilisers for performance certainty

Technical Specifications



Weight Approx




AC2 1000






AC2 1200






AC2 1500







Rogan’s view

Rogan Borrie calves 2,800 cows, and run 3,200 sheep and 1,300 dairy-beef cattle over 6,900 acres. Situated near Oamaru his operation has everything from flat to hill country, and soils that range from stony to heavy.

One of his claims to fame is winning the local Lions Club’s prize for the longest and heaviest fodder beet at a whopping 28.5 kgs. Rogan says the crop, which he has been growing for around nine years, is good for putting weight on cattle.

Rogan has two Aguirre fertiliser spreaders that he keeps fairly busy. He says the decision to buy them was mainly based on price and he feels he is getting good value for money. (Also he’d previously bought other gear from FarmChief.)

One of the spreaders is used behind the cows and the other on the heifer run-off. The first he bought has been on the property for two and a half years, the other for six months.

Rogan says he’s found them reliable and robust. “I like good gear, not stuff that’ll break down all the time.”

- Aguirre AC2-1500 Fertiliser Spreader

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