Moore Uni-Drill 3ptl Direct Disc Drill

Time efficient, easy to operate, and compact, these Moore Uni-Drills are ideal for oversewing, drilling into stubble or cultivated ground.


Moore UniDrill Direct Discs Drill Supplied by FarmChief
Moore Uni Drill


What’s Moore

  • NZ’s most cost effective disc direct drill
  • Ideal for oversowing, into stubble or cultivated ground
  • Fewer moving parts; low ongoing repair and maintenance
  • Narrow row spacing but staggered design allows good trash clearance
  • 3ptl gives the ability to reach hard corners of a field
  • Long life Tungsten carbide tipped coulters
  • Mounted on rubber Duratorque suspension for easy maintenance 
  • Self clean design Guttler roller
  • 700L capacity hopper for high speed drilling, quick and easy calibration, convenient emptying, and individual row accuracy, with the ability to sow to the last quantity of seed, with all seed types.
  • Rear mounted ladder for easy access to hopper
  • Optional second tank for fertiliser and or broadcasting

Technical Specifications


Working width

Overall width

No. of row units

Row spacing


HP Requirement

Moore 3ptl 24R



24 Rows




Moore 3ptl 32R



32 Rows





Narrow row spacing

Narrow 90mm row spacing guarantees thick, fast crop establishment, weeds are put to bed, allowing for an excellent strike. There is also a spacing option of 120mm on a 24-row unit.

Guttler Roller

The Guttler packer roller is very unique, made up of two cast iron prisma rings, one 45Ø, the other 50Ø. The larger ring runs on the inner shoulder of the smaller ring creating a self cleaning action, which is great in sticky situations. The roller also has a smoothing effect, which is great for crop paddocks and gentle on pasture, leaving a neat finish.

Disc Design

Mounted on a five-degree angle, the 410x5mm disc blades, work along with the Tungsten carbide tipped coulter to ensure quick and accurate seed placement. The soil is sliced opened, seed is placed, followed by the rear Guttler roller that ensures even seed to soil contact.

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