Bring paddocks back to life and optimum production while reducing costs with NZ’s most productive single-disc drill.

Cost saving is the name of the game in 2024, and this has lead to some original thinking to help reduce the time and expense incurred in regrassing paddocks. 

Living up to it’s name of the “universal” drill, the Moore Uni Drill is now being utilised as a roller drill, as well as a direct disc drill. By utilising the narrow 90mm row spacings, farmers are able to stitch a grass and clover mix directly into existing pasture, rejuvenating the pasture, extending it’s lifetime and significantly reducing the time and costs needed to bring paddocks back into production.

Not only this, but due to the narrow row spacing and the dethatching effect of the unique Guttler roller can minimise weed populations, improving the over all quality of the pasture, directly impacting the health of the stock on the land.

Speaking to FarmChief’s Moore Uni-Drill expert, Todd Murray, we examined the key features of the drill which is continuing to prove to kiwi farmers that it’s the most effective direct drill on the market.

Todd says one big advantage it offers is the option of 90-mm (3.5-inch) row spacings in addition to the more typical 125-mm spacings.

“The Unidrill’s single-disc opener and tungsten-tipped coulter create minimum disturbance and optimum tilth while its Guttler roller delivers excellent seed-to-soil contact. This drill can handle a bigger variety of drilling jobs and soil conditions than a tine drill or triple-disc drill.”

Single-disc openers cause minimal disturbance to the soil so they minimise moisture loss. At the same time, they cut the roots in an existing sward, which encourages rigorous regrowth. They also spread and incorporate surface manure and help alleviate some pugging and ruts.

Standard on the Unidrill is the ‘golden hoof’ Prisma-type Guttler packer roller. In pasture, the Guttler roller aerates and breaks up surface capping and thoroughly consolidates the soil to secure the seed. The Prisma roller touches the ground 305 times per square metre with prism points, which is the same effect as a flock of sheep walking over the field.

Todd says it’s also worth considering the large fuel savings which accompany changing to a direct drilling system for rejuvenating pasture. “Making the switch can reduce fuel consumption up to 40% when compared to a full cultivation system.


FarmChief Machinery Moore Uni Drill Single Disc Direct Drill

FarmChief Machinery Moore Uni Drill Single Disc Direct Drill

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The Moore Uni-Drill from FarmChief is a world-renowned single disc direct drill which is continually proving to be the moist effective drill in New Zealand. 

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