Open up clogged and pugged winter feed paddocks earlier and faster than ever before, without heavy clods getting in the way thanks to the NSL Chisel Plough with Double Wavy Discs. 

Slicing and dicing their way through New Zealand, the NSL Chisel Plough with Double Wavy Disc rollers is the modern solution to high-use, intense farming challenges in wet, clogged and pugged conditions. 

Save passes, gain time.

A brand new take on the traditional ripper, the NSL features two rows of staggered Double Wavy Discs which are specifically designed to deal with the large lumps, trash and clods produced after ripping the sodden South Island winter feed paddocks. Removing these heavy, dense clods whilst ripping reduces the need for additional passes from cultivation implements. You’ll immediately see the benefit of speeding up the time between ripping and drilling; you get a faster turnaround, higher yields and an improved paddock performance.

An effective ripper, the NSL lifts and cracks the pan, aerates the subsoil and allows the moisture to subside. Their narrow 280mm staggered tine spacing (on the 3m models) and curved 30mm tines create a rolling action for effective,  deliberate incorporation of the entire seed bed. The auto-reset leaf spring tines and non-stop stone protection ensure high productivity and an interruption-free workflow, even in trashy areas.

FarmChief Machinery NSL Chisel Plough With Double Wavy Discs

FarmChief Machinery NSL Chisel Plough With Double Wavy Discs

The FarmChief NSL Chisel Plough with Double Wavy Disc rollers.

Ideal for farmers and contractors alike.

FarmChief Machinery has seen both farmers and contractors take on the NSL Chisel Plough with Double Wavy Discs, primarily thanks to the range of widths. Starting at 3m and moving to a folding 4.7m model, there is no compromising on efficiency when running this high-performing machine.

The optional depth wheels deliver complete control, with the opportunity to work up to 600mm deep, delivering excellent drainage of even the most sodden paddocks. The narrow spacing on all models means great flow and incorporation is achieved, without overworking the soil or reducing the working speed.

Recently, a contractor from Southland has commented to FarmChief “They’ve become a big part of our business. We’ve actually just ordered a second set for next season.” It’s tough to beat that recommendation!

Improving yields while reducing input.

If you needed further convincing, a key benefit of getting your crops in early (apart from improved yields) is the reduced need for sprays. A stronger, healthier plant means they are less affected by weed competition. As a result, you spend less money on weedkiller and less time applying it – letting you get on to the things that matter. Add those savings up and you’ll see the benefits for years.

Additionally, having a well-formed, incorporated soil structure adds a layer of resilience when faced with sustained periods of challenging weather. In dry conditions, a quality soil structure ensures crops can establish deep, strong roots, increasing performance with less watering. Conversely, a good soil structure encourages draing and reduced pooling or flooding damage in exceptionally we conditions.


FarmChief Machinery NSL Chisel Plough With Double Wavy Discs

Whilst you’ll primarily find the NSL Chisel Plough in the South Island in the Spring, FarmChief has also found that the large 820mm underbeam clearance makes it perfect for stubble cultivation in Autumn. Plus, a range of alternative rollers are available, should you require them for a specific situation.

FarmChief Machinery currently has a strong supply of the full range of NSL Chisel Ploughs, ready for delivery across the country. Set yourself up for a productive spring and a quality yield for summer and autumn – talk to us today.

FarmChief Machinery is New Zealand’s specialists in cultivation and offer a range of models of rippers built to suit every farm and operator in New Zealand. Starting at a basic three-leg ripper and moving through a huge range of options, the ranges of rippers from FarmChief are hard to beat. 

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