This watertight, side-discharge muck spreader puts your effluent where you want it, boosts your production and saves you money, all without leaking on your laneways or roads. 

Solving Kiwi farmers’ problems is what FarmChief does. The problem of dealing with sticky, dried and/or liquid effluent in the same pit is tough, especially when you’re looking to spread that effluent and capitalise on the valuable nutrients the resource offers.  

The problem: How do we utilise scrapings from feed pads that are too thick to mix or pump, despite the presence of additional water from the washdown? Conventional rear discharge spreaders leak the liquid material on laneways before reaching the paddock, making an unsanitary mess and wasting precious resources.  

The solution: The FarmChief West Dual Muck Spreader. The only watertight, side-discharge muck spreader in New Zealand capable of spreading every type of material; from liquids to fully dry.  

Specifically designed to deal with the output of high-intensity feed pad systems commonly found on New Zealand farms, the West Dual Muck Spreader presents a convenient 2-in-1 solution for dairy farms: emptying the pit and reducing the need for synthetic fertilisers, all while saving money.  

Watertight body and doors 

The ‘bathtub’ style body of the West, in combination with the hydraulically driven guillotine door, ensures full containment of all the material, especially during transport and loading. This means more material on your paddocks and less on your tracks.  

Prioritised safety and stability 

The safety of yourself and your staff is paramount, which is why we’ve prioritised features that ensure an easy, low-risk operation.  

The low centre of gravity and large flotation tyres mean the load is spread evenly across the ground, improving the towing experience on both the road and on rolling country.  

Hydraulic brakes help take the load off the tractor and provide ease of mind when you’ve got a full load of effluent in the back.  

Optimised front discharge 

Distributing material from the front of the spreader is key to the success of the West, improving both the watertightness and the safety, with the material being pulled towards the front of the machine, bringing more of the load onto the tractor instead of the rear axles.  

Designed for premium performance with all materials, the centre drive auger and hydraulically driven side agitator work in tandem to keep even the stickiest material moving towards the front beaters.  

The underslung beaters are designed to disperse the material in a fine spread pattern, reaching up to 21m with the ideal consistency. Featuring reversible and replaceable tips, you’re able to easily and safely maintain the performance of the hardest-wearing parts of the spreader.  

Leverage existing nutrients, improve pasture performance and maximise savings with a West.  

With costs rising everywhere, why continue to spend big on artificial fertilisers or pay contractors to take valuable resource away from your property?

FarmChief West Dual Muck Spreader

FarmChief West Dual Muck Spreader

FarmChief West Dual Muck Spreader





Capacities begin at seven tonnes, requiring only 70HP to operate and models are available throughout the country. 

Choose a free, no-strings-on-farm demonstration to prove first-hand the value a FarmChief West Dual Muck Spreader will add to your operation.  

FarmChief Machinery is New Zealand’s specialists in drilling, seeding, spreading, cultivation, effluent management and grain handling. We offer a range of models built to suit every farm and operator in New Zealand.

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