When it’s tough to choose, choose FarmChief. 

Cultivation is at the heart and soul of many farming activities around New Zealand – working the land to create the ideal seedbed for the optimum strike, growth and health.

Seedbed preparation is vital not only to the short-term yield and performance of this season’s crops but also to the long-term health and well-being of the soil. An investment in a strong, healthy soil structure is an investment in future success. The quality of your implements contributes largely to soil quality outcomes, so choosing the right one for your conditions can be a big decision, especially if you’re considering a type of machine that you have not used before.

FarmChief Machinery ExpressPlus Mounted Speed Discs

FarmChief Machinery offers a variety of cultivation solutions designed for the modern farming challenges we face in New Zealand. We’re proud to offer a large range of world-class machinery, but sometimes the choices can be overwhelming. We’re often being asked the same question: “Power Harrows or Speed Discs?”

Below, Logan Murray, one of FarmChief’s resident seedbed preparation specialists examines the differences and similarities between the FarmChief Speed Discs and Power Harrows to help you make a more informed, strategic decision.


FarmChief ExpressPlus Speed Discs

Logan says “As a tool, they are aptly named. FarmChief’s ExpressPlus Speed Discs can cultivate at speeds up to 16km/h, conditions allowing.”

Greatly beneficial for getting large areas of ground worked in less time, especially when compared to a Power Harrow which tends to have a working speed of 4-5km/h.

The range of uses you can find for the ExpressPlus Speed Discs are also greater than our Power Harrows. Thanks to the hydraulic depth controls and two rows of 560mm cutting discs set at an optimum cutting angle, FarmChief Speed Discs produce an aggressive cutting action great for both primary and secondary cultivation. With a choice of rear rollers on mounted, 4.5m and 6m machines, the ExpressPlus is capable of an excellent finishing job as well. “It’s an incredibly versatile machine; the operator can achieve excellent results from a variety of conditions.”

FarmChief Machinery ExpressPlus 4.5m Speed Discs

“We have customers using their discs pretty much all year round, going into ex-winter feed in the spring, re-grassing through the summer and is excellent at dealing with maize stubble in the autumn.”

We find the ExpressPlus Speed Discs are kinder on the soil than Power Harrows in the long term. While the Power Harrows produce an excellent finish, they smash the soil to bits to achieve this, without much consideration for the long-term benefits of maintaining the structure. 

“The ExpressPlus Speed Discs are great at dealing with trash, the pugging and clods, stones and any other residue without completely disintegrating the top 120mm of the soil.” Especially when it comes to dealing with stones, Speed Discs are much better performers. They shift and bury the stones without risking breaking the machine, whereas Power Harrows have moving gears which can be easily damaged when working in very stony paddocks. 

 However, there are certainly areas where the Speed Discs don’t stack up to the Power Harrow.

“When you’re working in heavy, clay country, we’d recommend our customers to choose a power harrow as the gearbox stirs the soil with an aggressive action to achieve the desirable seedbed better than a traditional tine or disc cultivator.”


Mounted or Trailed, 3m, 3.5m, 4.5m or 6m with a range of rear rollers: 

FarmChief Machinery Mounted 3m ExpressPlus Speed Discs

FarmChief 3m Mounted Express Speed Discs

FarmChief Machinery ExpressPlus Speed Discs with FarmChief Rollmax Folding Roller

FarmChief ExpressPlus Speed Discs towing FarmChief Rollmax Roller

FarmChief Machinery ExpressPlus 6m Speed Discs

FarmChief 6m ExpressPlus Speed Discs

FarmChief Power Harrows

Logan says that the FarmChief Power Harrows produce an excellent finish, are great in a range of situations and come in widths to suit small-scale owner/operators through to large-scale contractors searching for efficient, effective machines.

“A couple of drawbacks when compared to speed discs is that power harrows work at a slower rate, and they are really only finishing machines – you’ll need a plough or set of offset discs for primary cultivation, as well as the power harrow, for the complete job.”

There’s plenty to consider, and much of it comes down to the farmer’s situation, farm conditions and existing machines.

Logan says “We’re a family-run, community-focused business and at our heart, we’re simply looking to put the best machines in the hands of the best farmers. We’re not here to sell you something you don’t need, so have a chat with us about your needs and goals, and we’ll be able to help point you in the right direction.”


For more information on any of the FarmChief range, including our ExpressPlus Speed Discs and Power Harrows, contact the team below. 

Call 0800 327 624 or email sales@farmchief.co.nz

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