6 Metre Speed Discs

Simply smart efficiency. Cover more ground than the 4.5m model with the potential for 16km/h working speeds and ripper/airseeder roller combinations.

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    FarmChief 6 Metre Speed Discs
    FarmChief 6 Metre Speed Discs
    FarmChief 6 Metre Speed Discs
    FarmChief 6 Metre Speed Discs
    FarmChief 6 Metre Speed Discs

    Features and Benefits

    The ultimate choice for those looking to get the job done fast, whilst maintaining consistency, accuracy and quality.

    Featuring two sets of angle-mounted 560mm discs, allowing cultivation up to 180mm deep! These discs are set at the optimum angle for greater precision and accuracy. Followed up with levelling tines and a rear roller of your choice, you can rely on the 6000 Speed Discs to get it right, first time.

    Great after ploughing, for stubble incorporation and even opening up sprayed out grass paddocks. With working speeds up to 16km/h, choose to save time and do the job better.

    A popular combination is the ExpressPro Pre-Ripper running in front and an AirSeeder Roller to set up cultivation time and achieve superior cultivation in one pass.

    • NZ’s #1 speeds discs
    • Multiple rear roller options:
    • Hydraulic depth adjustment on rear roller
    • Unique, optimum angle disc design
    • Delivers an excellent finish in up to half the time
    • Pugged or dense paddocks? Choose to add on a pre-ripper as well

    Technical Specifications


    Working Width

    Weight Approx

    No. of Discs

    Disc Sizes

    Finger Tines


    HP Required

    Express 6000 Trailed




    560mm (22in)





    Campbell’s view

    Campbell McArthur farms 263 hectares of flat land at Pendarves, Canterbury, in crops including; wheat, barley, oats, processed peas, seed peas, red beets, ryegrass, broad beans, and linseed. Between crops, he grazes lambs. Campbell’s goal was to find a way to effectively integrate crop residue into the ground, ready for the next season’s crops. There were a couple of important considerations behind his thinking: Increasing concerns around burning-off (including bans after the 2017 Canterbury Port Hills fires), and the stringent demands of his local irrigation scheme’s environmental plan, which doesn’t favour ploughing. The Express Plus 6000 Speed Disc had already been on Campbell’s radar and was a pragmatic choice. He says he particularly appreciates the implement’s robustness and precision engineering. “It’s very well made”. He can’t fault its performance. “It does a really beautiful job.”

    - Express 6000 Speed Discs

    Mike's View

    Mike Brensell works with Hamish Ryan on Ryan Farms in Lumsden. Mike was quietly quite chuffed with the new ExpressPlus Speed Discs.

    - ExpressPlus 4500 with Double UBox Roller


    Speed Discs low maintenance

    Heavy Duty Specifications

    Scalloped 6mm disc with a long life SKF Agri Hub (5-year warranty) mounted on a rubber Duro-Torque system providing excellent ground contour following and longevity.

    Optimal Angle

    Scalloped disc is concaved (not dished) giving an optimum cut, no matter what the wear it always keeps the same cutting angle. This guarantees (when traveling at working speeds of 10-15km/h) all the soil has been disturbed and worked across the width of the machine.


    From retrofittable is a rear draw bar to tow a Cambridge roller, front paddles to level the ground, front depth wheels (hydraulic draw bar adjustment) for better contour following and a variety of mountable air seeders to sow while you cultivate.

    Hydraulic Roller

    Adjustable hydraulic depth roller with shims to give consistent depth of cultivation and adjustable for different paddock conditions.

    FarmChief Implement Options

    FarmChief Machinery ExpressPro Pre-Ripper

    FarmChief ExpressPro Pre-Ripper 

    Improve your cultivation time even more when combined with an Express Speed Discs, this machine is great for burying trash and minimising passes with its twisted shin and 600mm depth. 

    FarmChief ExpressPro Pre-Ripper | View Now 

    FarmChief Rollmax Folding Cultivation Rollers 

    Designed to deliver a fine tilth finish while providing an optimal seed-to-soil placement during cultivation, this machine is perfect for any large scale farmer or contractor. 

    FarmChief Rollmax Folding Cultivation Rollers | View Now 

    FarmChief Rotomax Reel System

    The FarmChief Rotomax Reel System keeps pumping recyclable effluent in the toughest conditions, an implement with a continuous supply of slurry providing no down time.

    FarmChief Rotomax Reel System | View Now


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