When one is never enough – choose the FarmChief One-Pass Rotary Strip-Till System. 

Tim Sheat, from Sheat Contracting in Mid-Canterbury | FarmChief One-Pass Rotary Strip-Till System

Tim operates an agriculture contracting operation out of Dunsandel, mainly focusing on bailage, precision planting and earthworks. He has his hands full especially when it comes to getting crops in at the perfect time. The old saying goes “time is money” and Tim had this front of mind when he went looking for his next implement. Tim recently purchased his second Complete Rotary Strip-Till System from FarmChief Machinery.

He approached FarmChief Machinery in Christchurch, where Todd Murray quickly put him on to the One-Pass Rotary Strip-Till System, featuring the Front Fert Tank, Precision Planter and Rotary Strip-Till.

“We were looking to cut down on passes on the paddocks. By the time you plough and get all the top work done, then move on to drilling the paddocks, it’s a lot of work and time.”

Strip Tilling significantly cuts down on the time it takes to turn paddocks around, combining cultivation, fertilisation and planting into a one-pass job.

FarmChief Complete Rotary Strip Till System

Tim says “As we are only cultivating strips, we see huge moisture retention and a reduction in wind blow, delivering an all-around better soil structure.” Another benefit is during winter grazing, the paddocks remain much firmer, with less mud and pugging occurring in the wet.

Having purchased his first Strip-Till System from FarmChief in 2021, it only took one season for Tim to decide he needed another. “We chose to grab another one because we were happy with how it was working. It was easy to use and we needed something hassle-free, so we went with this one.” 


Tim says that time is crucial, so finding a machine that saves time and does the job right the first time means more jobs and more satisfied customers. “September/October is a busy time of the year in Canterbury, so the less time we spend to achieve the same results the better.”

Tim Sheat - FarmChief Complete Rotary Strip Till System

“The proof is in the results – we’re really happy here and the performance really stands out.”


The FarmChief One-Pass Rotary Strip-Till System is made up of: 

FarmChief Front Fertiliser Tank

FarmChief Front Fertiliser Tank

FarmChief Rotary Strip-Till

FarmChief Rotary Strip-Till

FarmChief Xact Precision Planter

FarmChief Xact Precision Planter

The FarmChief Complete Rotary Strip-Till System features the Rotary Strip-Till, a Front Fertiliser Tank and a Precision Planter. Choose from a variety of options including number of rows (4 or 6) and row spacing (500mm or 750mm). This is suited perfectly for maize, fodder beat and swedes. FarmChief has excellent stock availability so give us a call to experience the power of the Strip-Till for yourself.

Call Todd Murray on 021 228 5677 or email [email protected]

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