Mounted Speed Discs

Choose unequalled cultivation at speed, with the FarmChief ExpressPlus Mounted Speed Discs.

Perfect for small-to-medium operators wanting to do the work themselves with a machine capable of primary & secondary cultivation, whilst also being an effective finishing tool. High-speed, effective cultivation cuts through the stubble, buries stones and incorporates residue leaving a quality, even surface tilth. 

FarmChief Speed Discs are demonstrably a more effective method of primary and secondary cultivation when compared to a traditional PTO cultivation tool, delivering an improved soil structure by being kinder to the soil and tough on trash. 

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    FarmChief Machinery Mounted 3PTL ExpressPlus Speed Discs

    The most efficient way to cultivate. The FarmChief Mounted ExpressPlus Speed discs feature two sets of angle-mounted 560mm discs, allowing cultivation up to 180mm deep. These discs are set at the optimum angle for greater precision and accuracy.

    The Mounted Speed Discs from FarmChief feature two sets of angle-mounted 560mm discs, working up to 180mm deep. These discs are set at the optimum angle for a more effective cut and positioned for ideal soil disturbance and residue incorporation. Levelling tines and your choice of rear roller follow to create a fine tilth and a desirable seedbed for a great strike. 

    These are exceptional after ploughing, ideal for stubble incorporation and work well opening up sprayed-out grass paddocks. With working speeds up to 16km/h, choose to save time and do the job better

    ✓ Unique cutting system for life-long accuracy

    ✓ Heavy-duty, long-life build for a versatile machine that lasts

    ✓ A flexible, adaptable implement suited for New Zealand conditions 

    ✓ Your choice of rear rollers to suit your conditions

    Is 3m not enough width but you’re still wanting a mounted machine? Upgrade to the 3.5m model for added efficiency. 

    FarmChief Machinery ExpressPlus Speed Discs Unique Cutting System

    Unique Cutting System

    Our intelligent, specifically designed system of discs and arms combined with our proven optimum cutting angle ensures excellent penetration and a precision cut for the life of the discs.

    The 560mm cone-shaped discs and independently mounted, reinforced disc arms work together to ensure that as the blade wears during use, the angle of penetration stays the same.

    This optimum cutting angle means the ExpressPlus Speed Discs deliver excellent trash clearance, quickly deal with clumpy or large residue, and are perfect for cork ex-crops of maize, kale, cereals or other cover crops.

    FarmChief Machinery ExpressPlus Speed Discs Heavy-Duty Build

    Heavy-Duty, Long-Life Build

    The heavy-duty, highly-engineered chassis make the ExpressPlus Speed Discs a versatile machine capable of both primary and secondary cultivation while being an effective finishing tool. The heavy build improves the penetration of each blade, increasing the depth of penetration. Working speeds of up to 16km/h can be achieved without fear of cracking or warping due to the heavy-duty build.

    FarmChief Machinery ExpressPlus Speed Discs Hydraulic Rollers

    Flexible, Adaptable Machinery

    New Zealand offers a variety of challenging conditions. In order to succeed, modern machinery needs to be capable of adapting to be able to provide a consistent, excellent finish.

    The Mounted (3PTL) ExpressPlus Speed Discs come with hydraulically controlled rear rollers as standard, allowing the operator to adjust and adapt to changing conditions from the cab – saving time and effort when on the job.

    Additionally, all ExpressPlus models come with adjustable finger tines as standard. With multiple height and angle settings, these can easily be changed to improve the performance of the rear roller, reducing clumping and producing a useful surface tilth.

    FarmChief Machinery ExpressPlus Speed Discs Upgrades

    Upgrade Potential 

    The FarmChief ExpressPlus Speed Discs are high-performing machines on their own terms, but savvy operators can choose to improve the performance and outcomes by adding additional implements to their setup.

    • Add an Airseeder for sowing directly after cultivation – perfect for one-pass seeding
    • Add on a rear drawbar for towing a roller or power harrows for one-pass cultivation


    FarmChief 3metre Speed Discs
    FarmChief 3metre Speed Discs
    FarmChief Machinery Mounted 3PTL ExpressPlus Speed Discs
    FarmChief Machinery Mounted 3PTL ExpressPlus Speed Discs
    FarmChief Machinery ExpressPlus 3.5m Speed Discs
    FarmChief Machinery ExpressPlus 3.5m Speed Discs

    Technical Specifications


    Working Width

    Weight Approx

    No. of Discs

    Disc Sizes

    HP Required





    560mm x 6mm






    560mm x 6mm


    Rear Roller Options

    FarmChief Machinery ExpressPlus Speed Discs DD Roller

    DD Ring Roller

    The DD Roller is a solid steel roller with a castle ridge, ideal for stony conditions. The hard ridge pushes stones into the ground and leaves a firm, level seedbed free of residue.
    FarmChief Machinery ExpressPlus Speed Discs U-Box Roller

    U-Box Roller

    The U-Box Roller is a light roller great for sticky and wet conditions. The soil compacts into the roller, doing most of the breaking work and reducing the wear on the roller.
    FarmChief Machinery ExpressPlus Speed Discs Double U-Box Roller

    Double U-Box Roller

    The Double U-Box Roller has two roller rows, doubling the surface area of the roller, whilst adding weight to the rear of the implement and eliminating bouncing.
    FarmChief Machinery ExpressPlus Speed Discs Cage Roller

    Cage Roller

    The Cage Roller is the lightest available roller, putting less stress on the tractor, meaning less HP is required and less fuel used – the Cage Roller handles sticky conditions very well.


    Dairy farmer John Tanner talks about his experience with FarmChief

    John Tanner, a dairy farmer in Leeston recently purchased an ExpressPlus 3000 Speed Disc with Pre-Ripper setup. 

    Wanting a ripper which rips deeper in the soil than others, and a set of discs which were perfect for dealing with fields growing fodder beet, kale, oats and silage, John couldn’t look past this FarmChief solution. 

    “It’s been a fantastic purchase. The rippers do a great job and the speed discs leave a good finish on the fodder beet paddocks.” Watch what he has to say here. 

    - Testimonial – ExpressPlus 3000 with Pre-Ripper

    Mike's View

    Mike Brensell works with Hamish Ryan on Ryan Farms in Lumsden. Mike was quietly quite chuffed with the new ExpressPlus Speed Discs.

    - ExpressPlus 4500 with Double UBox Roller

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