Dairy farmers and effluent spreading contractors: do you have the best machine for the job? 

FarmChief Machinery has a great range of effluent pond and tank pumps and stirrers. With plenty of choices and options, do you know which method of stirring best suits your application? 

Effluent pond management is becoming a hot-button topic for many of our customers, with many searching for ways to decrease their reliance on artificial fertiliser. For optimum results, effluent used as fertiliser should be evenly mixed and incorporated, with a smooth consistency. This ensures an even distribution of nutrients across the field, encouraging consistency in growth and a much more efficient harvest, with healthier plants.

At FarmChief, we know that every dairy farm in New Zealand is unique and has its own challenges, and achieving an even, well-mixed slurry can require a decent amount of skill and effort. We’ve worked hard to find machines with the strength, versatility, features and endurance to complete the job in some of the most trying circumstances.

One of the main variations in the FarmChief range of effluent mixers is the way our machines agitate and mix the material: either via a pump or with a propeller.

Below, we’ve outlined the comparisons and benefits of each method of stirring to help you make an informed and expert opinion when choosing your new FarmChief effluent mixer. Need more information? Talk to FarmChief today.

FarmChief Propeller Mixers –

The most common method and simplest machine is the propeller mixer. This type of mixer has been in New Zealand for a long time and chances are, you’ve seen this one in action.

These are designed to be a cheap, simple and effective option for stirring and incorporating small-to-medium-sized ponds and are perfect for those farmers wanting to manage their own effluent ponds.

A very economical choice, these stirrers are suited to operate on tractors from 80HP.

The implement mixes, chops and moves the material with the raw mechanical propeller power, working under the surface to incorporate the solid and liquid layers throughout the pond.

Of course, the main impact on the performance is the size of the propeller. FarmChief propeller mixers come with a 600mm propeller as standard, with the option of upgrading to a newly-designed propeller with a diameter of 650mm for a more effective stirring action.

A significant mixing capacity can be achieved from a single mixing point for both lagoons and tanks and thanks to the lightweight design of the range, moving and angling your implement is simple and easy to do. For pond mixers, choose the optional wide-angle PTO for steep banks or transport wheels for an even easier method of accessing the pond.

The FarmChief propeller mixer range includes solutions for both ponds (The FarmChief Lagoon Mixer and Contractor Mixer) and above-ground tanks (the FarmChief TankMaster Mixer).

FarmChief Machinery Effluent Pond Stirrer

FarmChief Machinery Effluent Pond Stirrer

FarmChief Machinery Effluent Pond Stirrer

FarmChief Machinery Mega Mix Effluent Pond Pump

FarmChief Storth Mega Mix Pond Pump

FarmChief Mega Mix Effluent Pond Pump

FarmChief Mixer Pumps –

Taking a step up in both performance and features is FarmChief’s range of mixer pumps.

These machines feature a bottom-mounted impeller that chops and sucks the material up into the adjustable and controllable nozzle gun, discharging the material on the surface of your pond or tank.

With their double-mixing action, these pumps break down crusts in record time by soaking the crust and blasting matted vegetation. They are sure to create a thoroughly mixed, well-incorporated liquid – perfect for application via tankers or umbilical systems.

These machines generally require 100+ HP to achieve an effective action, however, the increase is justified with some reaching a mixing capacity of up to 10,000m3 from a single point! This makes these pump mixers ideal for large-scale farmers or contractors wanting an effective and versatile machine.

The features don’t end there, however. These pumps are also perfect for transferring high volumes of material into other ponds or tankers – some can achieve up to 20,400 litres/min – making for an extremely versatile machine.

FarmChief’s range of mixer pumps features the MegaMix (3PTL and trailed) the UltraMix, Hawk Tank Mixer and the SuperJet.

All FarmChief slurry mixers are fully galvanised, long-lasting and hard-working, making them a great choice, no matter your situation.

If you have any further questions, let one of our farming and slurry experts know and we’ll make sure you wind up with the most appropriate machine for your needs.

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