“If you don’t do it right the first time, you’ll have to do it right the second”

FarmChief Machinery’s range of world-leading grain augers ensures excellent results, every time. Choose them for this summer’s grain-shifting tasks. 

At FarmChief, we’ve been in the agriculture industry for over 40 years, so we’ve had time to find the best ways of doing things. We know that if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing right, and our quality, high-performing implements are a testament to that.

There is nothing more frustrating than investing a year’s worth of work and money into a crop, just to see quality product crushed, spilled or left behind due to inferior grain-handling products.

This is exactly why we have travelled the world to identify the leading grain-handling machines.

FarmChief Grain Augers are cost-effective, low maintenance, built with the user in mind, and simple to operate. What more could you ask for?

Todd Murray, a third-generation FarmChief leader, is our resident Grain Handling expert. Here are his reasons why FarmChief Grain Augers are the top-of-the-crop.

Reduced Product Damage –

Preventing damage to the harvest has always been a challenge. You could slow down your operation to increase the quality, but we all know time is money, so speed is defiantly of the essence.

In identifying Auger which do not damage the product, we searched for an Auger which has minimal squashing points.

The FarmChief Range of Augers a tubing made of one complete flight, not multiple. This ensures there are no joins or divots for the grain to be crushed into.

FarmChief Conventional Grain Auger




FarmChief BackSaver Grain Auger - Grain Handling New Zealand

Reduced Moving Time  –

Moving large, gangly Augers can often be a nightmare, especially when dealing with sub-optimal conditions, small yards and uneven ground. This can take up time and valuable daylight.

The FarmChief range of augers removes the issue and makes moving your auger far easier. Their fully-redesigned system incorporates power steering, a hydraulic scissor lift and winch for height adjustment and an improved motor placement, all creating a greater vertical and horizontal reach.

Thoughtful Design –

The length of the auger can ultimately strain the flighting and the frame, especially with the longer, taller Augers suffering from a greater twisting movement. FarmChief Augers are supported by wires running the length of the machine, preventing irregular movement and increasing the life of the machine.

Positioned correctly, the scissor lift undercarriage is stable and solid, requiring less hydraulic pressure to raise and lower the auger.

We know your yards are not normally level, making getting every last bit of grain tricky.  With the FarmChief Backsaver Auger, the swing-away hopper is hydraulically adjusted keeping the hopper level and making for a more effective feed.

FarmChief Conventional Grain Auger

FarmChief BackSaver Grain Auger - Grain Handling New Zealand


FarmChief BackSaver Grain Auger - Grain Handling New Zealand

Optimised loading and unloading time  –

Time is critical, so the FarmChief auger’s double-flighting action is a game-changer. Literally doubling the uptake of material, you will see an immediate increase in loading speed, reducing the time trucks are sitting still, making a long day that much easier.


FarmChief’s range of Augers is a great example of how we are focused on getting the job done right, the first time.



FarmChief FarmKing Y1370 Backsaver Grain Auger | Testimonial



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