Maintaining vegetation, keeping gorse and bushes at bay, and trimming roadside berms is not glamorous work, nor is it complicated. So why look for a complicated machine?

FarmChief’s range of Falc Mulchers, put simply, just do the job well – with no stress or complications. 

No need to pay for unnecessary extras or for a machine that looks good, but breaks down as soon as you put it to the test. With the FarmChief range, simply hitch them up, turn them on, and you’re good to go.

Falc is known in New Zealand for producing durable, long-lasting and hard-working machines. Check out the recent article on the Falc Power Harrows for a better idea. The range of mulchers is no different and has been relied on by farmers here for 20 years.

Maintaining the farm is not always the best job, but it certainly has its benefits. Logan Murray, FarmChief’s resident mulcher expert talks us through his top benefits of keeping on top of your maintenance and looks at what makes the FarmChief Falc Mulcher range the only choice for the New Zealand farmer.

Top Benefits Of Regular Mulching

While reducing the fire risk posed by large areas of scrub during summer, and improving the look and feel of the property, Logan says that improving grass quality and weed reduction are his key benefits of frequent maintenance.

Improve grass quality –

  • Mulch serves as both a nutritional supplement to your pasture whilst also improving water conservation by preventing evaporation and increasing retention.
  • Most of the nutrition stores in the grass are at the base or root. Taking the top off the grass provides an effective way to feed the grass while keeping it tidy and maintaining the desired length.


FarmChief Falc Icon Mulcher



FarmChief Falc Mulcher dealing with gorse

Win the long-term battle against weeds –

  • We all know the headache the battle against weeds in NZ can cause. Alleviate some of the stress by preventing the spread and stopping young plants in their tracks with regular pasture maintenance.
  • It’s easier, cheaper and quicker to fight small battles frequently, rather than wage one all-out war on weeds every few years. You’ll see an improvement in the quality of the land, but also you’ll notice your machines will require less long-term maintenance thanks to the easier job they are performing.


Logan says “Virtually anything can be slashed with the Falc range of Mulchers, and the beauty is that you don’t have to worry about losing blades or sharpening them!

These machines may be straightforward to use, but there has been plenty of consideration gone into every part of this machine to ensure it lives a long and stress-free life with every farmer. 


Logan’s top features of the Falc Mulcher.

“For me, two things really stick out. I’ve known plenty of mulchers and the pain points are always the skin wearing out or bubbling quite quickly, and the flails or blades breaking or frequently losing their edge.”

Reinforced, long-life hammer flails.

These durable, reinforced hammer flails are designed to take on whatever you have to throw at them, time and time again.

Built from cast steel and reinforced on the rotor to prevent snapping or cracking, these are where Falc comes into its own in terms of performance.

Double Skin Protection

Your mulcher can have the strongest flails in the world, but it won’t matter if its outer skin breaks, exposing vital components and damaging the machine’s ability to work.

The FarmChief Falc Mulchers come with a replaceable double skin as standard. This makes them the standout choice for working on tough gorse, tree clippings or other stubble frequently found on New Zealand farms.

FarmChief Falc Mulcher Reinforced Hammer Flails

Reinforced Hammer Flails

FarmChief Falc Mulcher Double Skin Protection

Double Skin Protection

The Range

FarmChief has two types of Falc Mulcher available, each with a range of sizes built to suit every farm.

  • Falc Agila

The Agila is the higher-bodied model, allowing you to tackle significant areas of growth where the ability to handle large material is important. This is the option where muscle is more important than the finish – a great choice for contractors wanting to take on growth that has been neglected for years.

  • The Icon

Previously known by FarmChief customers as the Zenit, this is the streamlined, lower profile brother of the Agila. Coming with all the great features, this machine is designed to take on the lower profile material and is ideal for those looking to use it for regular maintenance of berms, paths and land-prone growing weeds.


Heading into winter, the weather is closing in and soon you’ll be needing to wait 6 months before any more pasture management goes ahead. Get ahead of the challenge by heading into FarmChief. We’ve got a great range of both Agila and Icon mulchers ready to roll off the lot, just in time before the opportunity disappears.

View the range here | Give Logan a call for more information.