Welcome to Farm Chief’s lineup of power harrows and rotary hoes – a world of game-changing soil prep in farming, tailor-made for Kiwi farmers. These aren’t your ordinary tools – our power harrows and rotary hoes are all about getting the job done smarter and quicker. From smashing clumps to getting your soil super-smooth, these tools are a mix of high-tech magic and hands-on farming know-how. 

Fixed-Width Power Harrows

We don’t need to tell you how important an even, smooth fine seed bed is for optimal...

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Folding Power Harrows

Designed for large Horse power tractors, and big jobs, these highly spec’d folding power...

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Rotary Hoe / Spike Rotor

The FarmChief Falc Rotoking will save you in cultivation costs and time, due to its versatility...

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