Where agricultural innovation meets soil cultivation. Explore our diverse range of rippers meticulously crafted to amplify the efficiency of your farming endeavours. Rippers play a vital role in breaking down compacted soil, enhancing drainage, and preparing land for optimal planting conditions. As you navigate through this page, you’ll discover a spectrum of ripper options tailored to various tractor sizes and applications. 

NSL Chisel Plough

Arguably the best chisel ploughs, ever. The NSL Chisel Plough and double wavy disc rollers make...

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SSDR Deep Ripper

The SSDR Deep Ripper is your go-to, heavy-duty deep ripper ideal for work up to 600mm in...

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Tine Plow

The Tine plow is a durable, practical implement designed with modern agricultural contractors,...

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ExpressPro Pre-Ripper

The FarmChief ExpressPro Pre-Ripper significantly improves cultivation time when combined with...

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SSE Ripper

The SSE Ripper does what it says on the tin, with no complicated, expensive or tough to operate...

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