Big Bear Bale Clamps

If it was possible to get excited about moving bales, this would be the moment. These strong, specially designed “gentle” bale clamps make the process easy and protect your valuable feed resource.


Features and Benefits

FarmChief Big Bear Bale Clamps reduce wastage and increase efficiency when you’re dealing with one of your most valuable feed resources. As Ben Abernethy from FarmChief says if a bale is worth $100 to $150 and you’re moving 1,000-odd a season, there’s a fair bit on the line.

The exclusive, purpose manufactured and refined clamps are gentler on the bale, and on the tractor, and FarmChief’s put a bit of thought into the way they work. Four bars per “hand” give you grip and control while spreading the pressure, so the wrap doesn’t get damaged and bales aren’t spoiled. And because they’re mounted as close as physically possible to the tractor itself, there’s less strain on the machinery.

The bale clamps are bought by “everyone who makes bales”. Sometimes, farmers or contractors will even get two so the loading and unloading process is faster and smoother.

Usually attached via a Euro Hitch loader attachment, the bale clamps can also be mounted on the back of the tractor, if needed.

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