Varimount 350 PTO Compressor

Versatile, compact, portable and durable. New to New Zealand, this compressor delivers unbeatable air power on the move. Both front and rear mounting means you take it where you go making it an incredibly convenient choice. 

Its massive range of on-farm applications includes cleaning harvesting equipment, clearing umbilical slurry hose systems, sandblasting and operating power tools – everything you need to maximise the performance and longevity of your machines. 


Applied Concepts Varimount PTO Compressor from FarmChief
FarmChief Applied Airforce Air Gun
Applied Concepts Varimount PTO Compressor from FarmChief
Applied Concepts Varimount PTO Compressor from FarmChief
FarmChief Applied Airforce Air Gun
Applied Concepts Varimount PTO Compressor from FarmChief

Features and Benefits

Featuring 10 Bar operating pressure and volume flow of between 5.0 and 10.2 m³/min, the Varimount Compressor offers some seriously good power, with a guaranteed output of 350 CFM. 

Designed with the end-user in mind, these compressors are PTO driven and include only two moving parts under the hood, making for fewer maintenance hours and costs. And being fully air-driven with no electronics makes for ease of use when out on the job. 

Front or rear-mounted options let you become truly mobile and eliminate the challenges and hazards of towing a standard mobile compressor while reducing your diesel emissions. 

  • Oil-cooler fan for continuous, safe operation
  • Patented pneumatic control system for all-weather operation
  • Compact 1.2m³ size, weighing 1325kg
  • Front or rear linkage
  • Durable powder-coated finish

Add on The Applied Airforce high-volume air blowdown gun. Connect to the Varimount Compressor and you have the ultimate tool for blowing down machinery. 

Technical Specifications

Volume Flow

Operating Pressure


Power Req

5.0 - 10.2 m3

10 Bar / 145 Psi


>85 kw


Applied Concepts Varimount PTO Compressor from FarmChief

"An Extremely Efficient Machine"

“I bought the Varimount because it’s robust and strong and the output is extremely high.  What’s very handy is, I can use it on the front of the tractor – in fact, 9 out of 10 times we use it on the front of the tractor.  And in the summer, when we’re not using it for cleaning slurry lines, we have it left in the yard, so we can drive the tractor up to it and we’re ready to go.   We also use it when it’s stationary, for blowing-out balers and harvesters – it’s a very efficient machine”  

- Seamus Doyle, Agri Contractor | PTO Compressor

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