Silage Grab

Work smarter, not harder with the FarmChief Silage Grab. 

Made to handle high-volumes of silage, you’ll have more time on your hands (and less silage!)


FarmChief Silage Grab
FarmChief Silage Grab
FarmChief Silage Grab
FarmChief Silage Grab

Features and Benefits

Everything you need and nothing you don’t. This Silage Grab can handle large amounts of silage in one go with its high-quality frame and strong-forged tines.

Thoughtful and effective tine spacing reduces spillage and the rear wall design allows a partial scooping action, keeping more material in place while moving. The tines can be replaced easily, helping to keep you moving. 

Our range of working widths between 1.2m and 1.8m and a load capacity of up to 800kg gives you the choice of implement for your needs. 



Graeme’s view

Graeme Burnett has a 300ha milking platform and 250ha run-off on flat to rolling country at Dacre on the Southland Plains. It’s fully self-contained, doing all its own cropping.
He’s been impressed by FarmChief’s sales follow-up, in particular Ben who he says is a salesman who can also actually also do the job.
“We bought a roller that needed a tweak so the paddles worked better on the flat. They came out, looked at it and organised new parts. It was extremely good.”
Graeme says it’s a welcome change from a lot of the gear they have bought elsewhere, which has left them with a bit of welding to do. “FarmChief do far more than other outfits.”

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Jim's View

Listen to Jim Cooper from L J Contracting, as he tells us why he recommends the NSL.

- NSL Chisel Plough/ Auto-Reset Ripper

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