Conveyair Grain Vac

The Conveyair Grain Vac is designed, and engineered, not only to maximise the value of your hard-earned grain yield, but also to protect you and your staff. (OSH and your bank manager will both love it.)


Grain Vac
FarmChief Grain Vacuum
FarmChief Grain Vacuum

Features and Benefits

The Conveyair grain vac has been proven around New Zealand for over ten years, now. These high tech, air-fed implements take grain transfer and management to a whole new level. (You could say they’re cleaning-up the industry.)

Conveyair moves grain by vacuum – so there’s no damage to the grains and no lumps. Not only that but they cut-out the risk to people of using augers at close quarters. And there’s no dust, whether that’s in the crop or in your eyes and lungs. They’ll even efficiently move notoriously-tricky grass seed, without a single itch.  “Not a grain left behind” could be a motto for these super-efficient machines. They also eliminate sweeping or shovelling-out grain in the heat, or compromising quality through damage, or loss of your crop. Even flat-bottomed silos aren’t a challenge.

Usually used for loading out, they’ll fit in tight spaces where no other grain vacuum can. As the owners say “they’re safe and they’re clean”.

Technical Specifications






Transport height

Boom discharge height











Matthew's view

Listen to Matthew Reed from Broadgate Harvesting & Broadgate Farm, as he tells about his FarmChief Conveyair Grain Vac and how its improved safety for his staff.

- Conveyair Grain Vac

Parts and Options

Dual Inlet

Allows the user to be able to pull grain from both left or right side of the machine.

Self Contained Hydraulic Kit

Provides consistent and contamination free oil supply to the grain vacs hydraulic functions.

Swivel Boom

Fill trucks with ease, manually rotate the loading boom 30°, enabling simple and easy loading.

Hose Carrier

User friendly way of carrying the hoses required for cleaning out silos.

FarmChief Implement Options

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The Backsaver Grain Auger is one of those pieces of equipment that you’ll wonder how you ever managed without. People who have one, say it cuts transfer time in half. That’s a whole extra truck freed-up.

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FarmChief Conventional Grain Auger 

Conventional grain augers are well engineered to keep everything simple and avoid waste. Able to fit into those small tight to reach places this auger is not to be missed. 

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FarmChief 6 Metre Speed Discs 

Covering more ground than the 4.5m model, this implement is simple, smart and effective for cultivating ground with speeds up to 16km/h.

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