Conventional Grain Auger

At harvest time, or whenever grain needs to be transferred, the conventional grain auger is right at the centre of everything you do and a slip-up is not an option.


Conventional Grain Auger At Work | FarmChief
Grain Auger | FarmChief
Close Up Conventional Grain Auger | FarmChief
Grain Auger | FarmChief
Conventional Grain Auger NZ | FarmChief
Conventional Grain Auger NZ | FarmChief

Features and Benefits

Conventional grain augers are well-engineered to keep everything simple, avoid waste. And keep everything flowing.

The double flighting intake has a brass bushing on all conventional auger intake guards. The narrow safety guard and removable clevis hitch improve access to bins with small auger ports. (Well thought through, this includes a storage bracket that holds the clevis hitch when not in use.)

The augers feature several enhancements to serviceability and stability, such as the wider undercarriage, and an expanded list of options.

Several components have been standardized and redesigned to reduce repair and assembly time as well as to facilitate upgrades. The engine mount and levelling systems have also been redesigned to ensure perfect belt tension at any auger position.

The Conventional Grain Auger is very well balanced meaning only one person is required to shift the auger. More than anything, they’re manufactured to operate efficiently and safely even when it’s late, there’s a bit of dust about and tempers can to start to get a little frayed.

We can’t do much about yield, can we can make sure you maximise what you have.

Technical Specifications


Tube size

Highest height

Highest forward reach

Drive options

HP Required (PTO drive)


200mm x 11.00m



Petrol motor, electric or PTO



200mm x 15.50m



Petrol motor, electric or PTO



200mm x 18.60m



Petrol motor, electric or PTO



250mm x 11.00m



Petrol motor, electric or PTO



250mm x 15.50m



Petrol motor, electric or PTO



250mm x 18.60m



Petrol motor, electric or PTO



330mm x 11.00m



Petrol motor, electric or PTO



Andy’s view

Wheatstone Farms Ltd is a well-established 500Ha cropping and store stock property based 10 minutes from Tinwald. Andy has chosen to buy his last three augers from FarmChief including, most recently, a 1370 Backsaver: “I wouldn’t have done it if they were no good!” “The brand is awesome and the back-up is brilliant. They even brought us out a part when we broke down on a public holiday.” Andy says the beauty of the Backsaver is that you can just pull up beside it, making unloading easy and improving safety: vital at busy times and at night.

- Backsaver Grain Auger


Poly Spout & Hopper

Flexible poly spout for accurate bin filling is optional. Also optional is a poly hopper to minimize spillage.

Drive Options

Several drive options are available, including direct PTO, belt-drive PTO, gas engine drive, and electric motor drive matched to a belt or direct drive.

Auger Mover

The completely redesigned mover incorporates power steering, hydraulic scissor lift for the intake, sport tread tires, hydraulic winch for auger height adjustment, improved engine mount and leveling systems and longer reach on the intake tube.

FarmChief Implement Options

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