Backsaver Grain Auger

The Backsaver Grain Auger is one of those pieces of equipment that you’ll wonder how you ever managed without. People who have one, say it cuts transfer time in half. That’s a whole extra truck freed-up.


Backsaver Grain Auger | FarmChief
Back saver Grain Auger | FarmChief
Backsaver Auger | FarmChief
Backsaver Auger | FarmChief

Features and Benefits

Available in 10” and 13” (16” if you need it) The Backsaver Grain Auger cuts the manual work (and guess work) out of grain transfer.

“And about time!”, a fair few of you would say.

On the practical side, it’s got a wide wheelbase, for stability. But that’s only part of the good news. What we think will really appeal is the swing hopper. Yep. No backing up. It’s all controlled from the tractor. That means even a beginner can be trusted with the job. (All they need to do is make sure the lid is off the silo…)

Things that set these backsaver grain augers apart include:

  • Double flighting – to speed things up (and everyone appreciates that time is money)
  • Scissor action lift makes it go higher and lower for storage
  • Better reach
  • You’ve got a wide wheelbase and low-geared winch
  • Plus multiple drive options.

These augers also run smoothly on less power and the gearbox is positioned so you can get deeper into the bin.

Technical Specifications


Tube size

Highest height

Highest forward reach

Weight approx.

HP Required


250mm x 15.25m






250mm x 18.25m






250mm x 21.30m






330mm x 21.30m






330mm x 25.90m






400mm x 25.90m






Shane's View

Listen to Shane Brooker, from Brooker Farming in Aylesbury; Owner of FarmChief FarmKing Y1370 Backsaver Grain Auger

Best thing I like about it is the speed ‘get rid of the trucks in sort of under 5 mins; really quick and efficient’

- Backsaver Y1370 Grain Auger

Andy’s view

Wheatstone Farms Ltd is a well-established 500Ha cropping and store stock property based 10 minutes from Tinwald. Andy has chosen to buy his last three augers from FarmChief including, most recently, a 1370 Backsaver: “I wouldn’t have done it if they were no good!” “The brand is awesome and the back-up is brilliant. They even brought us out a part when we broke down on a public holiday.” Andy says the beauty of the Backsaver is that you can just pull up beside it, making unloading easy and improving safety: vital at busy times and at night.

- Backsaver Grain Auger


Hydraulic Winch

An hydraulic winch easily lifts the hopper into place for transport. The lever and hydraulic valve are mounted to the main auger tube for easy access. this is optional on 10" and 13" BackSaver models.

Hydraulic Drive Wheels

Each 16104 Farm King auger comes standard with a hydraulically controlled intake hopper. By simply moving the hydraulic lever, the intake hopper can be moved into precise position under hopper bottom and end dump trucks. This is optional on 10" and 13" models.

Hydraulic Hopper Mover

The standard hydraulic hopper mover adds a powerful hydraulic motor to each of the inside wheels on the swing away hopper so the hopper can be positioned easily and with minimal effort. The control lever for the mover is mounted on the intake auger tube for easy access. this is optional on 10" and 13" models.

Auger Steer

The auger steer is designed to make modern augers easier to maneuver. The auger steer assembly is attached to the wheel/spindle hub assembly on the axle frame. Two hydraulic cylinders on either side of the auger frame control the side-to-side wheel motion, controlled by the hydraulic system on the tractor.

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