NSL Chisel Plough

Arguably the best chisel ploughs, ever. The NSL Chisel Plough and double wavy disc rollers make dealing with pugging and compaction easy and efficient, producing a firm, aerated finish in fewer passes than a traditional ripper.

The perfect tool for turning around paddocks around fast, ready for a new crop of high-yielding, healthy plants, in both wet and dry conditions.

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    FarmChief Machinery NSL Chisel Plough Ripper with Double Wavy Discs

    Eliminating tight, compacted soils (allowing them to drain and breathe) is a contemporary cultivation challenge – the result of intensive cropping and pressures on farmland and resources. Waterlogged paddocks, the compaction of heavy machinery, and constant cultivation at the same root depth can restrict plant root growth and yields.

    The NSL Chisel Plough with double wavy disc rollers is a brand new take on the traditional ripper – combining lifting, rolling and boiling tines with the vertical tillage action of the rear double wavy disc rollers.

    Take back control of your soil with the NSL Chisel Plough by reducing the number of passes needed on the land to create a firm, aerated seedbed. Enjoy stronger, healthier, higher-yielding crops and a better outcome by planting earlier in the season.

    NSL Chisel Plough Features

    FarmChief NSL Chisel Plough with Double Wavy Discs

    Compact, HD Build

    The compact design of the NSL means you work the ground harder, with more ground pressure per m2 than other machines on the market, whilst enjoying excellent contour following for the rear discs. Thanks to the resilient, heavy-duty build, the NSL is capable of working tough ground without warping or cracking, extending the lifetime of the machine and reducing operating costs. 

    Additionally, smaller and lighter tractors are able to easily lift and move the NSL, making it a perfect option for a range of farms. 

    FarmChief NSL Chisel Plough with Double Wavy Discs

    Double Wavy Disc Rear Roller 

    Unique to FarmChief, our dual rows of wavy discs are highly effective in the mud and are perfect for finely working the top layer, producing a fine seedbed. The slicing and dicing action eliminates the large clods produced by ripping, removing the frustration of dealing with them once they are hard and dried, significantly reducing the number of passes usually needed to break them down. 

    FarmChief NSL Chisel Plough with Double Wavy Discs

    Thoughtful, Effective Tine Shape And Placement

    It features purpose-built, curved tines used specifically for their deliberate rolling and boiling action. The 280mm staggered row spacing ensures they thoroughly incorporate the entire soil profile while dealing well with trashy conditions and being easier to pull through the ground than comparable machines, using less fuel.

    The auto-reset leaf sprung tines and non-stop stone protection ensure high productivity and an interruption-free workflow. 


    FarmChief NSL Chisel Plough with Double Wavy Discs

    High Trash Clearance

    Designed to work as deep as you like and for good going in trashy conditions, the 820mm underbeam clearance makes for exceptional stubble cultivation ( see ex-maize paddocks in the autumn). The Double Wavy Discs are great for slicing any trash that comes their way and burying the residue, leaving an ideal finish on top. 


    FarmChief Machinery NSL Chisel Plough Ripper with Double Wavy Discs
    FarmChief NSL Chisel Plough with Double Wavy Discs
    FarmChief Machinery NSL Chisel Plough Ripper with Double Wavy Discs

    Technical Specifications


    Working width

    Weight approx.

    Working depth

    Tine spacing

    No. of tines

    Rear roller

    HP Required

    NSL 3






    Cage roller or wavy discs


    NSL 3.5






    Cage roller or wavy discs


    NSL 4.1 (folding)






    Cage roller or wavy discs


    NSL 4.7 (folding)






    Cage roller or wavy discs


    Use Cases

    FarmChief NSL Chisel Plough with Double Wavy Discs

    Aerating pugged, compacted ground

    FarmChief NSL Chisel Plough with Double Wavy Discs

    Opening sprayed off pasture

    FarmChief NSL Chisel Plough with Double Wavy Discs

    Cultivating hard, ex-stubble land


    Stephen’s View

    Stephen and Helen Rome, and son Scott, farm 530 hectares between Balfour and Riversdale in Northern Southland on soils that are predominantly heavy clay and alluvial river flat. Stephen has been working the family farm for over 30 years, growing cereals, running sheep, finishing lambs and grazing cows and heifers.

    His interest in the NSL Chisel Plough was driven by wanting to reduce cultivation time. “We didn’t want to be continuously ploughing.”  To date it’s been used following cereal and short rotation crops such as kale which have been grazed by heifers or lambs.

    Stephen has bought a bit of gear over the years from FarmChief, and says their fliers had kept the company and its brands to the fore. “They’re very good to deal with and nothing is a problem.”

    He says the Chisel Plough, which is combined with double wavy discs, have been “very good” has done a good job of breaking up lumps, and got to a useful depth. “They’re also economical to operate.”

    - NSL Chisel Plough

    Jim's View

    Listen to Jim Cooper from L J Contracting, as he tells us why he recommends the NSL.

    - NSL Chisel Plough/ Auto-Reset Ripper

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