When David Mavor went looking for a new direct drill, he had a long list of requirements. The Moore Uni-Drill ticked every box. 

David has been running his 260ha dairy farm, with 950 cows and 210ha support block in Linsmore, Canterbury, since 2006.  They make the most of the support block by growing a mixture of kale, barley and maize.

When looking for a new drill he knew he was after something which could handle a variety of soil types, arable, wet and pugged, and ex-pasture, as well as being able to handle the cereal trash they were frequently working with. Buying two new machines was out of the question, so the preference was to find one machine which could do it all.

Todd from FarmChief Machinery had been in regular contact over the years, and he proposed the Moore Uni-Drill, a direct drill that the company had recently bought into the country, perfect for oversowing or drilling into stubble. With 90mm row spacing, it made for great grass placement and seemed to tick all the boxes.

David says “It’s been developed and proven in Ireland. Here we have a mix of stoney soils and heavier soils, along with irrigation, so in many ways, we are similar to Ireland with their higher rainfall.

“Todd bought the machine down and did a demo with it. Rob, a FarmChief service technician, was fantastic and his experience with the machine really showed – he got it all set up and running for us. We drilled into a couple of different soil types – we took it into some wet ground and then into some damaged pasture and showed it working in both situations. Its trash clearance really impressed me as well.” 

FarmChief Moore Uni Drill

David was looking for a machine that could do it all, as well as being easy to use. He says when changing between different seed types, it’s important to be able to make the switch quickly.

“It’s very straightforward, basically you just adjust the metering wheel and alter the distribution to the size of the seed – even the chart on the rear of the drill has proved to be very accurate so we’re happy using that. We just dial it up and away you go. The ground-driven metering wheel has performed well with no issues.

As soon as he took delivery in October 2021, he put the Uni-Drill to work. “We drilled 60ha of Kale with it in November and drilled another 30ha of grass ex barley straight into cereal trash. The establishment of the kale with a double spray process into ex-pasture, coupled with irrigation meant it worked very well. It’s the first air seeder I’ve owned, and I’ve been very impressed with the accuracy and ease of use, so that’s been great.

“I was also impressed with the rear roller, there were some marginal conditions where it was quite wet, however, the self-cleaning function of the roller really did the job and meant we didn’t block up at all.”

David has been working with FarmChief for around 5 years since he first purchased his 3 meter Speed Discs with Pre-Ripper.

“I think the thing that I value most is the follow-up and after-sales service. I value being able to work with the business – the guys are only a phone call away. For our other machines, there have never been any issues getting parts, the team go out of their way to get the parts to us, quickly. Service is so important to me and adds heaps of value to the relationship.”

FarmChief Moore Uni Drill

Choose a trailed or mounted machine, and 90mm (32rows) or 120mm (24rows) row spacing.

FarmChief Moore Uni Drill

The unique, self-cleaning gutler roller ensures there are no blockages while drilling.

The Moore Uni-Drill comes in either 90mm or 120mm row spacing and is either trailed or mounted. FarmChief has excellent stock availability so give them a call to experience the Moore Uni Drill for yourself.

Call Todd Murray on 021 228 5677 or email [email protected]

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