Longevity is one word for FarmChief’s implements, but the prestigious FarmChief Moore Uni-Drill is one that will last for generations to come.

Direct Drilling in New Zealand conditions has its substantial benefits and FarmChief optimises the task by providing farmers with the FarmChief Moore Uni-Drill. With the first generation of Moore Uni-Drill supplied by FarmChief, now being received by our clients, we are excited to watch our customers see success, season after season.

We’ve been speaking to some of our Uni-Drill customers and they’ve highlighted some of their stand-out features of the machine:


Disc Configuration

Ordinary disc drills have proven their worth, but the FarmChief Moore Uni-Drill has developed techniques that allow it to be ahead in the market of oversewing and drilling into stubble and cultivated ground.

The FarmChief Moore Uni-Drill’s disc design has an innovative 5-degree working angle configuration which, when compared to a vertical configuration, increases soil penetration. Ensuring maximum seed-to-soil contact. This maximises the potential of the seed through the additional aeration.

The tungsten carbide tip coulters ensure this direct disc drill lasts the hectares, and the years, it was designed for.

These operate off rubber torsion suspension arms coming down beside the Boren Disc Blade for protection in harsh environments, making sure the seed is smoothly placed in the seedbed.

The FarmChief Moore Uni-Drill 5 degree disc configuration

Uni Drill Discs


Seed Placement 

For optimum seed placement, the seed is pushed into the seed bed with compressed air. Using the accord metering system, farmers and contractors can accurately sow seed at a high seed rate.

The cut once and drill method provides every opportunity for seed to germinate ensuring no hesitation in seed staggering through one pass.

Being ahead of the game and ensuring that germination rates are high is the key for the high performance of this FarmChief machine.


FarmChief Moore Uni Drill Direct Disc Drill

Moore Uni Drill

Moore Uni Drill

Prioritising the seed germination process

The unique Gutler roller has two different sized rings, designed to improve drainage and aeration through a tried and tested indentation method. When compared to the Gutler roller, a standard roller will compact the soil reducing the rate of water infiltration and drainage below the surface. Whereas the Gutler roller improves aeration of the soil.

Two different Prisma ring designs on the Gutler roller creates a self-cleaning motion, helping to keep the machine moving in clogged situations.

What’s more, the Prisma rings fit inside each other, halving the wear and tear on the centre shaft, making for fewer moving parts.

Allowing operators to have fewer moving parts, means time and money saved replacing parts, keeping you in the field, for longer. This roller is a one-of-a-kind on the New Zealand market.

FarmChief has a range of configurations to suit variable New Zealand conditions. Choose between mounted or trailed at, 90mm spacing 32 rows or 120mm spacing 24 rows.


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