Wow what a Fieldays®! FarmChief was privileged to be apart of this event, with attendance of over 132 thousand people!

The weather wasn’t too bad, and the mood was cheerful; we loved hearing how past investments in our gear were getting the job done better, quicker and more effectively. We’re passionate about helping clients be more efficient, do the best job, and grow their business with our quality equipment, trusted advice & aftersales care.

If you missed us at Fieldays® this year this post is for you! Onsite we had a range of Cultivation, seeding and slurry equipment.

Veenhuis Profiline Slurry Tanker

We were fortunate to borrow the Veenhuis Profiline 16600L Slurry Tanker with Euroject 6.38m Injector from Blue Grass Contracting in Matamata. Veenhuis’s experience is unrivalled; superior engineering & technology makes these tankers well equipped to deal with New Zealand’s (sometimes) challenging country. They’re well known as the highest specification tanker! 

Uni-Drill Disc Drill

Also on display was the newly arrived Uni-Drill Direct Disc Drill, featuring a narrow 90mm row spacing, 

Are you looking for a drill with less moving parts and more efficiency? Less maintenance and more longevity? A disc drill that will save you time and money? The FarmChief Uni-Drill stands out from the drill crowd and is a truly unique drill.

NSL Chisel Plough

NSL Chisel Plough /AutoReset Ripper with the famous Double Wavy Discs were also showing off at fieldays®

One contractor running two sets of NSLs reckons every contractor should own at least one of these! They’ve sped up his cultivation work by a incredible amount. 


Also on display

FarmChief PTO Strip Till – kindly loaned from Colin Jackson, ExpressPlus 4500 Speed Discs behind ExpressPro 4m Pre-Ripper, FarmChief RSR320 Roller Airseeder Drill, and a leg section of our new Hawk Mechanical Strip Till Machine.  


Want to learn more about any of the machines listed above?

Give us a call on 0800 327 624 and a sales rep can talk you through the unique benefits and how this machine could work for you.