Express Speed Discs

Used for primary and secondary cultivation, Express Plus Speed Discs are unequalled in performance after winter feed, for stubble incorporation, and to break-up paddocks after compaction. And they do it twice as fast as conventional discs.

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Expressplus speed discs
Expressplus speed discs
Cultivation speed disc - Express speed discs 4500 - FarmChief

Features and Benefits

When you want to cut through the work, express speed discs are unsurpassed as a speed disc cultivator. Available in widths from 3M to 6M, they are used after ploughing, or for stubble incorporation working at speeds of up to 16km/h. They save time and, importantly, do the job better.

The unique “optimum angle” disc design gives greater precision and accuracy for cultivating, while other features including greater protection for bearings make sure everything works exactly as it should. No need to grease the tough SKF sealed bearings.

Technical Specifications


Working Width

Weight Approx

No. of Discs

Disc Sizes

Kg per Disc

Finger Tines


HP Required

Express 3000 3 pt. Linkage




560mm (22in)





Express 3000 Trailed – Tyre Roller




560mm (22in)





Express 4500 Trailed




560mm (22in)





Express 6000 Trailed




560mm (22in)






Andrew's View

Listen to Andrew Mabey from Mabey Contracting, as he tells us what he loves about his FarmChief ExpressPlus 4500 Speed Discs and how they Speed up autumn cultivation.

- ExpressPlus Speed Discs

David & Sally’s view

David and Sally Mavor, along with business partners John and Fionna McCarthy, farm a property at Lismore, near Ashburton in Mid Canterbury.

The 475 hectare block includes a 250 hectares dairy block, running 900 cows, with the remainder used for cropping and support. The property is mixture of Templeton silt loam, and some lighter soils.

David’s Express 3000 Speed Discs, trailed with ripper, are used for working-in crop after winter grazing. He says the advantage of the implement is that it deep rips the soil while working the top soil at the same time. “Two or three passes and it’s ready for drilling into spring cereals.”

“Turn-around is everything because time is important. This is helping us achieve that. The one cultivator, effectively does two jobs.

“We’ve cultivated 100 hectares with it, in one season, and it’s performed as we expected.”

David says he’s purchased other implements from FarmChief in the past. “So, we told them what the problem was and they came up with a solution.”

“Their service is really good, when they delivered they also made sure everything was set up, and they had good follow-up and spare parts service.

“We’re really happy with it.”

- Express 3000 Speed Disc c/w Bonnel Ripper

Ben’s View

Ben Pankhurst is the cultivation and drilling specialist at family company Pankhurst Contracting in Greta Valley, North Canterbury. Pankhurst Contracting cultivates around 1,000 ha’s a year, on sheep and beef properties between Amberley and the Hurunui River. In his 13-odd years in the business, Ben says he’s seen a steady move towards farmers contracting-out not only hay and baleage-making but also working paddocks and general farm work. He says while increased intensification and a reduced labour force are factors, clients also appreciate the advantages of using an expert who has invested in good gear.

Before buying his 4500 Express Plus Speed Discs, Ben says he did his research and looked at a few brands. “Todd and FarmChief were keen to bring it up here and demo it, and we found it was a really good piece of kit.” Four years on, Ben says it’s done a lot of work in some reasonably harsh conditions, including winter greenfeed paddocks that’ve been beaten up by cattle. “We prepare paddocks for all kinds of crops – fodder beets, oats, brassicas…”

“They work very well across all soil types and even in steep and rocky terrain. They’re very versatile and they’ve changed the way we work the ground. They’re more efficient than the heavy discs and they’re cheaper for the farmers. There’re fewer hours in the paddocks and, from our point of view, we get more ground covered, there’s less maintenance and they’re cheaper to run.” Ben says they’re also very easy to operate. “Anyone can drive them.”

- Express 4500 Speed Disc

Campbell’s view

Campbell McArthur farms 263 hectares of flat land at Pendarves, Canterbury, in crops including; wheat, barley, oats, processed peas, seed peas, red beets, ryegrass, broad beans, and linseed. Between crops, he grazes lambs. Campbell’s goal was to find a way to effectively integrate crop residue into the ground, ready for the next season’s crops. There were a couple of important considerations behind his thinking: Increasing concerns around burning-off (including bans after the 2017 Canterbury Port Hills fires), and the stringent demands of his local irrigation scheme’s environmental plan, which doesn’t favour ploughing. The Express Plus 6000 Speed Disc had already been on Campbell’s radar and was a pragmatic choice. He says he particularly appreciates the implement’s robustness and precision engineering. “It’s very well made”. He can’t fault its performance. “It does a really beautiful job.”

- Express 6000 Speed Discs

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Speed Discs

U-Box Express Rear Roller

The U-Box Roller is ideal for soils that get fine quickly or by wind erosion. The U-Box deep ring press manages trash flow and minimises build-up, leaving a pressed finish.

Cage Express Rear Roller

The Cage Roller is perfect for sticky soils, and it also fluffs up and aerates the soil to help it dry out.
Speed Discs

Packer Express Rear Roller

The Packer Roller is ideal for heavy soil conditions, breaking down any remaining clods, and leaves the ultimate pressed finish.
Speed Disc Cultivator

Rubber Express Rear Roller

The Rubber Roller is ideal for rougher, stonier soil conditions. The Roller helps seal in vital soil moisture, leaves a firm seed bed finish and undulation for wind erosion.
Speed Discs

DD Express Rear Roller

The DD Roller leaves a firm packed finish, all ready for drilling on
Speed Discs - FarmChief

Express Leveling Paddles

Add Leveling Paddles to your Express Speed discs for the ultimate level finish.

ExpressPro Pre-Ripper

The Express Speed Discs are fast and efficient, partnered with the ExpressPro Ripper they’re a formidable combination. Add the optional ExpressPro Pre-Ripper to your Speed Disc to really rip things up.


Attaching an Airseeder means cultivation can be completed and seed sown in one go. It’s a brilliant quick-turnaround solution for crops including kale, turnips and rape.

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