Graeme Burnett has a 300ha milking platform and 250ha run-off on flat to rolling country at Dacre on the Southland Plains between Invercargill and Edendale. It’s fully self-contained, doing all its own cropping.

Graeme can’t speak highly enough of his FarmChief Airseeder and Rollmax Roller.

“The accuracy of the seeder is unbelievable so far in everything I’ve done – right down to a cupful of seed. And it’s easy to calibrate.”

He uses the seeder and roller for re-grassing, to sow 45ha of kale, plantain, summer turnips and barley. “It works really well.”

Graeme says the rollers’ larger rings make a better job and are easier to pull. “The paddles at the front also make it less work and save time. I can do 5ha in an hour and it’s quick to do another pass. It’s certainly cut down our working time.”

“We used to do the job with two rollers and it was hard to hook them up and also to transfer between farms. Now it’s easy.”

He also had high praise for FarmChief’s service. “The back-up is brilliant, and the help in setting it up.”

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