These FarmChief farming rollers (available in 3m to 12m) have some stand-out features that others just don’t have, making them more effective and more resilient.

Let’s see what they bring to the paddock…


These rollers feature the strongest paddock roller rings in the market which come with a six-year warranty. And they’re combined with the most robust axle on the market, at a whopping 70mm of German steel. There’s also a side wall guard for bearing protection.

The fluted Cambridge rings leave a firm but fine seedbed, creating a wavy finish that is ideal in windy situations, it also creates a little micro-climate for the seed.

Sticky soil is no problem either. As the cleaner rings turn, they flick the soil off, eliminating any possibility of blocking – especially in wet, freshly ploughed conditions.

The larger 620mm diameter rings stop any “bulldozing” and allow for a more even, level finish.


The FarmChief rollers are fixed in three parts; the mid-section and the two roller wings. The mid-section holds the transport wheels and two roller wings. The wings are first raised out of the transport position and then the large down-pressure rams unfold them. The large wheels, which are standard on all rollers, fold back and then into working position.

The long twin beam drawbar adds more weight and strength, as well as reducing any possibility of the drawbar cracking. The large roller wings fold neatly in along drawbar, which makes for the narrow 2.5metre transport width.

Pivoting roller wings are a must to handle uneven terrain and give constant ground pressure for optimal soil contact.

FarmChief farming rollers | Paddock roller


The levelling paddles are fitted more parallel to the ground than upright. This allows the soil to flow easily through them. Being fitted this way avoids soil build up in front of the paddles which can create unevenness across the paddock.

The paddles can be adjusted from the tractor seat. You can tilt the paddles hydraulically – and an even ram pressure ensures they go down and come up uniformly.

Paddles can be fitted to all FarmChief roller widths from 3m – 9m. They help break up clumps to create a nice, fluffy, level seedbed and farmers have said they make all the difference.

FarmChief farming rollers | Paddock roller


Attaching an Airseeder means cultivation can be completed and seed sown in one go. Highly engineered, the Airseeder is a very versatile fine seeder suited for every type of seed from swedes right through to grain, and at rates from 0.5kg/Ha up to 250 kg/Ha. Hydraulic fans provide superior airflow and precise metering of seed, thanks to a radar groundspeed sensor, which helps makes calibration a breeze. One client has said they’ve got it sorted right down to the last cupful. In case you’re still not sure, there’s a clear seed site level in front of the hopper, so you can keep your eye on it. They’re available in four sizes, from a 200ltr to an 850ltr hopper, with customizable options.


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