Two former farmers and contractors (Rob Chalke and Allan Patrick) are dedicated to making sure the delivery and set-up for FarmChief implements go smoothly.

Rob and Allan definitely know what they’re talking about. And, when they’re on farm they’re going to be looking at the soil type, what the weather is doing, and talking to clients about the things that are closest to their hearts.

But don’t take our word for it, Here’s someone who has experienced it first-hand.

Daryl’s View

Daryl Johnstone, runs a large-scale contracting business in Southern and Eastern Southland servicing clients within a 60km radius of the company’s base in Tokanui.

His company takes care of everything from spraying right through to baling, and all the cultivation in between, including the sowing of all seeds. Daryl says he’s appreciated FarmChief’s support in the set-up, and their after sales service has been “brilliant”. “There was someone on site on the first day and they are always available after that on the phone. That was very valuable.”

It all comes down to experience.

Rob Chalke worked on his grandparents’ farm in the UK milking cows, and contracting. (His father – now 75 – and brother are also contractors.) He worked in New Zealand for contractors, and managed a cropping farm here for 11 years, between trips back to the UK, before being shoulder-tapped by FarmChief who were keen to use his expertise.

Rob says understanding how the machinery works and the maintenance is vital. He also fields 5-6 phone calls a week to follow-up.

The major change Rob’s seen over the years is the electronics in the tractor cab. He’d been working with Xact planters in the UK for years, so the transition to New Zealand was straight-forward.

He says it takes a while to set up a reversible plough properly, but even then it’s going to need a few tweaks as; “every paddock is different”.

He reckons things are “looking bright for the cropping boys” at the moment and he’s happy to be helping.

Allan Patrick is a 20 year veteran of sharemilking around New Zealand.

He’d also purchased from FarmChief for 14 years over his time working on farms, and had invaluable first-hand experience of, and confidence in, the implements they sell.

He says knowing the gear he delivers means he can help new owners, who maybe haven’t used it before, fully appreciate the good points, and are aware of anything to look out for.

Allan “retired” three years ago to work on his selection of motorbikes, but after a chance meeting with Ben from FarmChief, he was taken on, straight away.

Modestly, he describes himself as a little bit mechanically minded and he definitely knows how to look after gear. (One of his sons is studying mechanical engineering and his brother is an engineer – so it must be in the DNA.)

Allan’s abilities are not restricted to helping farmers and contractors get the best from their gear on-farm. He’s also fairly handy around New Zealand’s field days; setting up the FarmChief’s impressive sites.

Todd Murray from FarmChief says there are real advantages to Allan and Rob’s knowledge.

“They put a lot of effort into making sure that people are actually happy with the implement. They stay till the client is fully satisfied.”

He says advice about maintenance is also vital to ensure the implements’ long life.
“It gives clients peace of mind.”

Ben Abernethy from FarmChief also appreciates Rob and Allan’s commitment; “We’ve got the team to make sure it works well.

“We need to spend the time on-farm when we deliver. We definitely take this transfer of knowledge seriously.”

The service also sometimes requires customisation which, Ben says, has left clients “really chuffed!”