Cameron Doherty operates busy Deep Stream Contracting in Outram, Otago, while running a sheep and beef farm in conjunction with his father Peter so, as you can imagine, he’s got a bit on his plate.

He has an Ozdoken (now branded Xact) 12 row precision planter which he’s used with good results especially with Brigadierä mangle beet, even though the variable seed size can make it a bit of a challenge. Those crops have also won an award or two – though Cameron puts the credit firmly back on the farmers who grew them.

“I only turn up and plant it.”

Having said that, he’s the fifth generation to have farmed the land around the area so he has more than a bit of an idea about the soil and conditions.

Cameron says the precision planter (which he bought second-hand) is a good all-round machine, value for money, easy to use and it’s been almost maintenance-free.

‘It’s run for around 1,200ha and there’s no money spent on it yet.”

He also says it easily handles the often rocky ground and a wide variety of soil types, no problems.

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