Returning nutrients to the soil is one of the most cost-effective and sustainable ways to improve soil health and increase yields. And Veenhuis slurry tankers are a highly efficient way to achieve that, while minimising soil compaction.

FarmChief’s decision to stock the Veenhuis brand partly because of its excellent international reputation. To see the product for themselves, a FarmChief team also visited the Netherlands to evaluate how the tanker systems would meet New Zealand needs and conditions.

Founded in 1938, Veenhuis’ experience is hard to beat. It’s been tried and tested on some of Holland’s foremost piggeries and dairy farms. A very tough testing ground, the Netherlands’ limited period for spreading slurry means that agricultural contractors, and farmers have to be highly efficient. Poorer soils and wet conditions often making it difficult to apply slurry early in the season with slurry injector tanks. Where the slurry tanks stop in these conditions, the drag hose system keeps going! Soil compaction slows down crop growth. Veenhuis drag hose systems feature 12-metre operating width and the combination of this and low tyre pressure minimises compaction during injection to give your crops the best possible growing conditions. The drag hose system provides a continuous supply of slurry so no time is lost loading and unloading; a drag hose system can keep fertilising non-stop. 

The rotomax 

Veenhuis drag hose systems have a working width of 12 metres, and in combination with a low tyre pressure this minimizes the soil compaction of your land during injection. This way you get the best possible crop growth. A drag hose system has a continuous supply of slurry, losing no time loading and unloading. Manoeuvrable and flexible, the tankers can also have hydraulically forced steering also the option of a hydraulically extendable front axle, the result is greater stability, for rolling country, and less pressure on soils, even when the going is soft. Then there’s the option of price points with Ecoline or Profiline tankers which allow for up-spec-ing to meet individual users’ needs. The Veenhuis Rotomax slurry reel guarantees little turf damage and high capacity. The short start-up and shut-down time makes this machine very effective, even on smaller plots. Unlike a regular drag hose system, the Rotamax lays down the supply hose with a swivelling arm and picks it up again in the same place. Because the injection combination does not have to drag the hose along the ground there is significantly less traction damage in the turf and no smear on the crops. Superior engineering and design has proved the range able to handle some of New Zealand’s most challenging country.

“Their success in this country also demonstrates that Kiwi farmers and contractors know, and value, top quality implements when they see them. Veenhuis has raised the bar here. And, it’s affordable.”