FarmChief slashes time, beefs-up cultivation quality

Time is always against us when we’re working the land. But FarmChief has a suite of implements that go a long way towards getting things done not only faster, but better. And they’re excellent value for money.

12% more efficient ploughing

The Agrolux ploughs. They’re made in Sweden and, while we might hate to admit it, the technology is just plain better. In fact, 12% more efficient than competing models. Then there’s the steel. Check out the tips, for example. The recessed design, combined with the board shape, gives a better and more even flow of soil. And that’s whether the ground is hard as rock, or saturated. Nothing is going to hold it back. The boards are designed to shatter the soil so there’s much less secondary work. (And who needs that?) When it comes to getting a fresh start in a paddock and burying weeds – you still can’t do better.

14% fuel saving

Even if you’re not impressed by the precision, there’s also a 14% fuel saving against comparable cultivation. Reversible ploughs add science to the art of ploughing, giving a more even paddock; great for smaller, or irregular spaces. They’re also engineered so that wear is reduced to a minimum.

Powering through the work

The Express Plus Speed Discs puts the effort into the secondary cultivation that makes a real difference in production. They also do it more than twice as fast as conventional discs. That’s because they can travel at up to 16km/h compared with just six for a traditional implement. They can also be operated with tractors from 90hp, which means greater fuel economy while doing the same job. Available in widths from 3m to 6m they are primarily used for stubble incorporation or after ploughing. Even paddocks compacted after feeding hay or silage offer little resistance. Considering increased environmental sensitivity about burning-off, and soil structure protection, these discs are a very important and timely addition to farmers’ and contractors’ tool boxes.

Optimum angle

One of the features that particularly makes the Express Plus Speed Discs stand out is the unique “optimum angle” disc design. This gives greater accuracy and efficiency with the two gangs combining in a brilliantly engineered solution to cut through even the hardest ground. It works like this. The front discs throw the soil to the right and the second to the left. The combined effect is to get rid of clods and start turning the soil into fine tilth. The design also allows stubble and soil to travel through without time-consuming clogging-up or the cost implications on the implement’s longevity and maintenance costs. No need to grease the SKF sealed bearings either, by the way, so that’s another time saving. There’s even the ability to negotiate rocky ground or the odd stone, due to independent blade disc suspension. The outcome is that shock is absorbed and an even cultivation depth is maintained. Behind the discs are a row of spring tines that are adjustable up and down and also adjustable on the angle. These steel spring tines continue the work, helping level the seed bed and help screen the soil, leaving the finer soil on top building-up the soil composition ready for seeding. Differing roller options allow for customisation to suit the job and the soil type. The “rubber” helps seal in vital soil moisture, the “cage roller” fluffs up and aerates soil to help it dry out, the “u-box” deep ring press manages trash flow and minimises build-up, and the “packer” breaks down any remaining clods. All in one pass. And it gets better. There’s also the option of rippers at the front when the going gets extra tough. Or you can add a folding Rollmax roller with paddles behind for a firm seedbed.


And these machines, they’re all backed by FarmChief’s superior, boots-on-ground service.