Product Range

FarmChief has worked the land for generations and we plan to be here for many more. Our high-spec implements provide farmers and contractors around the country with the best ways to cultivate, sow, harvest, manage nutrients and generally keep things going to make the most of New Zealand’s potential.


Preparation is everything. Make every pass count with these farm cultivation implements.

Seeding / Spreading

Our planters give every seed the best opportunity for life and your crop a better start.

Effluent / Slurry

It’s a dirty job but we’re very good at it! We can help you manage nutrients better.

Grain Handling

Grain handling is a high-pressure job, with a small window of opportunity – we make it easy with our range of grain handling equipment.

Transport / Utility

When it needs to be moved effortlessly and efficiently, we can help.


Even in the 1940s, our founder Peter Murray, founder of Murray Implement Company, saw the potential. Coming from an agricultural background, he began his working life as a dairy hand. He built up his agricultural knowledge, progressing to the workshop, as a diesel mechanic, and then on to tractor and implement sales. Over the next 24 years Peter worked for companies including P & D Duncan and International Harvester Company before taking the opportunity to go out on his own. In 1975, the company began in the backyard of Peter’s Innes Road home; specialising in selling and servicing farm equipment.

Farmchief News

The cultivator made for maize

12 Nov 2018

Innovative, new-generation speed discs Diskacrop are ticking a lot of boxes for large-scale...

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Storth Umbilical Reaches Further

12 Oct 2018

12m dribble bar now available! The arrival at FarmChief of Storth’s 12m dribble bar, with...

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High value crops benefit from superior ploughs

21 Sep 2018

For those looking at getting demanding maize or fodder beet into the ground in the next month,...

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Making NZ farms roll (And more).

14 Sep 2018

These rollers (available in 3m to 12m) have some stand-out features that others just don’t...

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We don’t skimp. These are the best brands, designed for the most challenging conditions in the world and the highest expectations of performance. Please click on the links to visit their websites.