RSR Cultivation Roller

The FarmChief RSR fixed-width cultivation rollers are a proven implement that have stood the test of time. A versatile option ideal for those wanting a roller without the need for a large-scale machine. 

Their market-leading 70mm axle is the strongest and heaviest on the market and makes for a more reliable machine, with fewer breakages and less downtime. 

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    FarmChief RSR Cultivation Roller
    FarmChief RSR Cultivation Roller
    FarmChief RSR Cultivation Roller

    Features and Benefits

    FarmChief RSR Cultivation Roller

    The RSR cultivation rollers have some stand-out features that others just don’t have, making them an extremely effective and resilient choice. Boasting the strongest roller rings and heaviest axle on the market, they come with a six-year warranty. 

    When soil moisture is at a premium, their high-pressure point is the perfect way to ensure seed germination, keep the soil compact, and cover the seeds with fine tilth. The heaviest and toughest rollers on the market, they maintain an even weight distribution ensuring stability on uneven ground. 

    Featuring a 150mm x 100mm main chassis, self-aligning bearings and 620mm rings, the RSR Roller is suited for a range of applications. 

    • 70mm roller axle
    • Hydraulic rear wheels
    • Optional levelling paddles of chain harrows
    • Optional Airseeder can be fitted 
    • 3.2m working width
    • Front-mounted option available

    Parts and Options


    Attaching an Air seeder means cultivation can be completed and seed sown in one pass providing ultimate germination. It’s a brilliant quick-turnaround solution for crops including kale, turnips, and grass seed to name a few. Sewing rates from 0.5kg/ha upwards. Available in sizes from 210 litres up to 850 litres. Standard with a hydraulic fan and a built-in RDS controller with Radar.

    Paddles & Harrows

    Option of front paddles and or front harrows allowing further preparations of groundwork.

    Ring Reliability

    Proved the test of time the Cambridge 24-inch notched and angulated breaker ring is standard on this machine, ensuring an optimum rolled finish whether that is working in standard soil conditions or damp conditions.

    Rear Drawbar

    Optional rear draw bar to tow a second roller allowing time proven roll seed roll solutions.

    Technical Specifications


    Working width

    Weight approx.

    Transport width

    Roller ring diameter

    Ring type

    Axle Diameter

    HP Required






    Cambridge waved and breaker

    70mm axle



    Philip's View

    Phillip, Michelle and Sam Bell farm 900 hectares, running sheep, beef cattle and deer on medium to rolling hill country in North Loburn, Canterbury. Phillip says the mostly-clay base soils can get very wet and, when there’s an opportunity to cultivate, it needs to be seized-upon.

    Phillip has been working with Grant and the team at FarmChief for over 15 years and says they were his first port of call. “You always get good advice.” He trialed a Rollmot which, in addition to being easy to transport took him from a 3 metre pass to 6 metres, increasing efficiency.  READ MORE

    - Rollmax roller

    Graeme's View

    Graeme Burnett has a 300ha milking platform and 250ha run-off on flat to rolling country at Dacre on the Southland Plains between Invercargill and Edendale.

    “The accuracy of the seeder is unbelievable so far in everything I’ve done – right down to a cupful of seed. And it’s easy to calibrate.”

    He also had high praise for FarmChief’s service. “The back-up is brilliant, and the help in setting it up.”  READ MORE

    - Rollmax Roller with Airseeder

    FarmChief Implement Options

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    One of the best implements on a farm to optimise seed germination and create and even and fine seed bed for crop or grass establishment. 

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    Its a one of a kind machine, process all trash through the large tine spacing after applying effluent onto the surface. 

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