RSR Cultivation Roller

Marketing-leading strength, reliability and performance. The FarmChief RSR Cultivation Roller is our premium fixed-width cultivation roller which has stood the test of time in New Zealand conditions.

Their 70mm roller axle and highly engineered thick-steel chassis mean maximum effort, excellent seed-to-soil contact and a machine that needs less maintenance.

When soil moisture is at a premium, their high-pressure point is the perfect way to ensure seed germination, keep the soil compact, and cover the seeds with fine tilth. The heaviest and toughest rollers on the market maintain an even weight distribution, ensuring stability on uneven ground. 

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    FarmChief RSR Cultivation Roller

    As far as farming implements go, rollers are fairly simple. Yet they are a crucial piece of kit for pretty much every farmer or contractor looking to produce an ideal seedbed and set up high-yielding crops.

    Some of the most common pain points on other rollers are eliminated thanks to our hard-wearing breaker rings (which come with a 5-year warranty), twin-bar chassis made of high-gauge, steel tubing and ultra-engineered reinforced pivot points.

    Operators enjoy a more consistent finish from less warping and cracking, more time in the field and less money spent on repairs than other machines.

    What’s more, the FarmChief range of rollers works wider than other rollers, with smaller, inset outer bearings allowing the rings to work right up to the fence line, giving you more bang for the buck in the working area.  

    Standout Features

    FarmChief Machinery RSR Cultivation Roller

    Heavy Duty, Robust Engineering

    Put simply, the FarmChief RSR Roller will not let you down. Built tough to work tough, the robust build will take on everything you can throw at it, season after season, and still come back asking for more.

    FarmChief Machinery RSR Cultivation Roller

    Hydraulic Rear Transport Wheels

    An uncommon sight on many fixed-width rollers, the FarmChief RSR roller features hydraulic rear transport wheels as standard. Ideal for maintaining the life of the roller rings, without the damage to tracks and roads other rollers may cause. 

    FarmChief Machinery RSR Cultivation Roller

    Hydraulic Front Levelling Paddles

    An optional extra but a common addition to the majority of FarmChief rollers is the hydraulic front levelling paddles. With dual hydraulic-ram control and specially designed wide, hard-wearing springs to keep up with the tough work of the roller, these turn the simple roller into a cultivation tool in its own right; perfect for dealing with larger clods and smoothing uneven ground. 


    FarmChief RSR Cultivation Roller
    FarmChief RSR Cultivation Roller
    FarmChief RSR Cultivation Roller

    Parts and Options

    FarmChief Machinery RSR Cultivation Roller


    Transform the roller into a roller drill with the easy to attach and high performance FarmChief Airseeder. Featuring sowing rates from 0.5kg/ha and sizes from 210l, our range of airseeders is the ultimate add-on for FarmChief rollers.
    FarmChief Machinery RSR Cultivation Roller

    Market-Leading Roller Axle

    It’s worth reiterating the strength and longevity of the FarmChief rollers axle. It removes any consideration of ongoing maintenance costs or lost productivity, whilst allowing the roller to work harder in tougher conditions.
    FarmChief Machinery Rollmax Folding Cultivation Roller


    Another standout add-on, a rear drawbar extends the versatility of the FarmChief roller, allowing for the time-proven roll-seed-roll solution.
    FarmChief Machinery RSR Cultivation Roller

    Front Paddles Or Harrows

    Paddles or chain harrows are an easy and common method of upgrading rollers, especially when dealing with rougher ground or when wanting to improve seed-to-soil contact when rolling and airseeding.

    Technical Specifications


    Working width

    Weight approx.

    Transport width

    Roller ring diameter

    Ring type

    Axle Diameter

    HP Required






    Cambridge waved and breaker

    70mm axle



    Philip's View

    Phillip, Michelle and Sam Bell farm 900 hectares, running sheep, beef cattle and deer on medium to rolling hill country in North Loburn, Canterbury. Phillip says the mostly-clay base soils can get very wet and, when there’s an opportunity to cultivate, it needs to be seized-upon.

    Phillip has been working with Grant and the team at FarmChief for over 15 years and says they were his first port of call. “You always get good advice.” He trialed a Rollmot which, in addition to being easy to transport took him from a 3 metre pass to 6 metres, increasing efficiency.  READ MORE

    - Rollmax roller

    Graeme's View

    Graeme Burnett has a 300ha milking platform and 250ha run-off on flat to rolling country at Dacre on the Southland Plains between Invercargill and Edendale.

    “The accuracy of the seeder is unbelievable so far in everything I’ve done – right down to a cupful of seed. And it’s easy to calibrate.”

    He also had high praise for FarmChief’s service. “The back-up is brilliant, and the help in setting it up.”  READ MORE

    - Rollmax Roller with Airseeder

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