We wanted to update you again on the evolving COVID-19 situation and our commitment to you during the outbreak. It is our understanding that companies such as FarmChief are considered a ‘support’ to essential businesses, with Farming of course being essential part of the food supply chain.

Essential Support:

If you require urgent assistance, in need of breakdown repairs or parts, our team is on call 0800 327 624, and are willing and able to complete any service to you that is considered essential.

In Essence:

We are open for business on call; All staff are working from home and service & parts will be on call to help out if urgent assistance is required. We are having to adjust ways we meet & greet and do business, but we envisage no change to our terms of trade and intend to maintain our ‘we will look after you’ mind set.

Contact Us:

We may be restricted with what we can do in some capacity, but it is the same, knowledgeable, experienced and friendly team at FarmChief who are here to answer any questions.


0800 327 624 or

Christchurch: 03 349 4450

Invercargill: 03 215 7750

Parts & Service:

Invercargill: 03 748 1460 (Josh)

Invercargill: 03 748 1463 (Brent)

Christchurch: 021 928 958 (Bernard)

Christchurch: 03 961 2257 (Logan)


Invercargill: 021 228 4624 (Scott)

Gore: 021 241 8951 (Ben)

Christchurch: 021 228 5677 (Todd)

North Island: 021 820 046 (Matt)

Lastly, take care:

From all our team, we hope you all get through this month as positively and most importantly, healthy as possible. We thank you for your continued business to date and we are very much looking forward to returning to normal as soon as possible.

Stay safe, be kind and find comfort that we are all in this together. 

Best Regards,

FarmChief Machinery 

0800 327 624