Everyone wants a perfect seed bed. Because without that there’s no profitable crop.

What you’re after is a bed that’s free from weeds, provides good soil to seed contact, and that has a fine tilth. That’s doubly true for the high-value crops like fodder beet, kale and the cereals which our animals, and our country, rely on for food.

At the heart of effective cultivation is ploughing.

Almost as old as agriculture itself, ploughs have been around for many thousands of years for a very good reason – they work.

Nowadays they are as important as ever; not least because farmers and contractors are now more wary of chemicals, for environmental and safety reasons, and as sprays’ effectiveness, in some cases, have been reduced.

Potential weed threats are most cost-effectively tackled, (and buried), before they even have a chance to strike. That usually means putting a plough through followed by power harrows.

Like they say, preparation is everything.

While it might seem a bit old-school, you’re always going to get off to a great start. The plants will bolt away and the weeds will be nowhere to be seen – saving effort and money and giving you a better result.

A bit of a chat with one of the FarmChief team, and free demo, is a good way see how an Agrolux mounted reversible plough or set of FALC power harrows could suit your operation. And to hear some of the feedback we’ve had from our farmers and contractors.